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nuway flameguard

Nuway Flameguard is suitable for internior and exterior use and is specifically designed for particularly fire sensitive areas such as underground railway stations, and with these locations in mind, has been tested to British Standards.

Flameguard mats are 12 mm deep. Aluminium wiper bars are combined with single self coloured black flameguard wiper strips in a closed construction.


Nuway Flameguard

Why choose Nuway?

Performance & excellent service

Nuway offers a wide range of rigid single and double sided made-to-order mats which provide an outstanding first line of defence against soil and moisture entering a building on the soles of shoes and the treads of wheeled traffic.

So why choose a Nuway rigid entrance system?

Nuway offers some of the most durable products on the market with guarantees up to 15 years.

Anodised Aluminium
Nuway entrance systems use anodised aluminium carriers to reduce light reflectance and glare

Choice of construction
Most Nuway products are available in a choice of heights and are available in open or closed construction to meet the requirements of a wide range of entrances

Integrated Entrance Solutions
By using Forbo Coral as the insert material in our single sided products, it's possible to design a Nuway rigid entrance system where the Coral textile clean-off area matches beautifully

Where the entrance system layout allows,the Nuway Tuftiguard mat modules can simply be turned over to reveal an entrance system that looks brand new.

Heavy Duty Option
The patented design of the Nuway
tuftiguard HD range provides load bearing capacity up to 900kg/cm² along with a level surface making it ideal for heavy wheeled traffic

We can help you customise your Nuway entrance with names, logos and corporate messages.

Specialist applications
For fire sensitive areas, the Nuway ranges includes Flameguard

Modules or rolls
Nuway offers both module mats for increased durability and rollable mats for easier cleaning of the matwells.

Nuway Tuftiguard