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Novilon Prima is the starting quality of our Novilon cushion vinyl range, giving you great value for money.

It's a small yet carefully combined collection in a variety of neutral, modern designs that give your floor comfort and style. An ideal combination of price, quality & design!


Novilon Prima

    About Novilon sheet

    Novilon: the no worry floor

    Novilon represents a range of beautiful and inspiring cushion vinyl floors in various designs, such as wood, concrete, ceramic and modern allover patterns.

    Forbo Novilon is a comfortable floor, enjoyable to live on as it's sound absorbing and has warm underfoot. This makes it ideal for children to play on. Consider a wooden floor that does not splinter, crack or squeak!

    Novilon is both hard wearing and easy to maintain thanks to features such as Aquagrip, Diamond Seal & Noviclean. Enjoy the knowledge that you don’t have to worry about stains and scratches!

    This hard wearing cushion vinyl flooring is available in sheet of 2, 3 and 4 meters width and presents 4 ranges each with it's own thickness & quality: Novilon Nova (3,2 mm), Novilon Viva (2,4 mm), Novilon Fusion (2,4 mm) and Novilon Prima (2 mm).

    Novilon flooring



    Aquagrip is Forbo's unique safety feature - meaning that the level of grip is not significantly reduced by spills or splashes of water or any other liquid. Which means a floor for your home that is beautiful, practical and safer to walk on.


    Easy, Comfortable, Durable

    Easy, Comfortable, Durable & Beautiful

    Did you know that our Novilon cushion vinyl floors not only offer an extensive choice in design & colour, but also provide comfort, lasting performance and easy cleaning & maintenance? Read below what Novilon can offer you.

    ● To be laid loose lay until 40m2
    ● Easy to maintain thanks to the Noviclean top layer, preventing dirt and scuffmarks.
    ● Doesn't shrink and curl
    ● Safer to walk on thanks to our unique safety feature Aquagrip

    ● Scratch and wear resistant thanks to Diamond Seal

    ● Warm underfoot
    ● 100% Antistatic
    ● Sound absorbing
    ● Slip resistant flooring
    ● Ideal for floor heating
    ● Resilient flooring

    ● Natural, mat look
    ● Large choice in designs and colours
    ● Can be processed broadloom across the whole room

    Novilon Viva 5747 cushion vinyl flooring

    Diamond seal

    Diamond seal

    As with a natural diamond, Diamond Seal represents hardness, scratch resistance and durabillity. It also provides superior protection against spillages and scuff marks. Diamond Seal ensures a natural low gloss and highly realistic design that is a hallmark of the Novilon collections.

    Diamond seal



    Noviclean is a top layer treatment for easy cleaning, which also prevents dirt and scuffmarks. The best natural surface finish.


    Get Creative Online

    Forbo's Online Floor Planner

    We understand that changing the flooring in any room in your house is an investment, and so making the right decision is an important process.

    To help make the selection process easier we have created our online floor planner. This new and exciting tool allows you to experience the full effect of an installed Forbo floor and experiment with different colours and designs across a wide variety of room settings so you can find the flooring that's right for you.

    To start creating online, simply visit the online floor planner.

    For instructions on how to use the floor planner and unlock a world of design potential, you can download our handy step by step guide here.

    Forbo's online floor planner

    Download Centre

    Download the Novilon wallchart and Cleaning and Maintenance Guide using the links opposite