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Retail - Flooring shopping area

Ultimate shopping experience

Whether you want to help your customers navigate their way or make the most of prominent display areas, your chosen floor design can play a crucial role in guiding your customers around any store.

From creating natural flowing walkways to making an eye catching or unique feature, Forbo's diverse portfolio will make sure your flooring makes an impact on your customers.

Allura Colour C68014 + Allura W60084

Shopping experience

Shopping area

Creating the ultimate shopping experience is what it is all about. Beside the changing behaviour towards online shopping, the current retailer needs to use all possible options to entice people to come into the store. Flooring is just one of them but a very important one!

Examples of how a floor can help you to create the ultimate shopping experience are:

• Lighting
• Interior layout
• Look & Feel
• Acoustic performance
• Air Quality

Linoleum im Fashionbereich

'The use of different flooring types for walkways, payment areas, display areas, different product zones etc… within the store, can make navigation throughout the store much easier for the shopper.'

Marmoleum Fresco 3260


The influence of daylight on retail performance was demonstrated by experts by an experiment that observed a 40% increase in sales after increasing the amount of daylighting through roof lights.

Floors can influence significantly the performance of the lighting in a store, so choosing the right floor is really important.

Interior layout

The interior layout of retail establishments can cause disorientation, overcrowding and stress, which will have a negative impact on retailer’s performance.

Design of walkways, differentiation of different zones and signage affects the shopper’s ability to navigate or orient themselves within the store.

The use of different flooring types for walkways, payment areas, display areas, different product zones etc… within the store, can make navigation throughout the store much easier for the shopper.

Step im Food-Bereich
Halifax Flagship Store Allura and Westbond

Look & Feel

The “look and feel” of retail environments influences both the ability to attract the customer and the ability to retain the customer within the retail environment.

Design strategies must balance the objective to attract customers with retaining customers.

Look and feel can be evaluated through two key design considerations:
• Aesthetics includes; colour, texture, shapes and artwork within the retail environment. Colour can produce autonomic biological reactions, emotional responses and capture attention.
• Ergonomy

The floor covering has a significant influence on colour perception within the shop.

Acoustic performance

Noise pollution is known to cause a wide array of physical and behavioural symptoms that can negatively impact the profits or retailers by driving users away and lowering the wellbeing of staff.

Metrics and design considerations commonly used to assess acoustic conditions include:
• Background noise
• Privacy and speech interference

Designers can create improved acoustic conditions for retail environments by using background noises to mask unwanted distraction and reduce noise levels to avoid stress.

Choosing the type of floor carefully will help creating the right level of acoustic you want to reach.

Sarlon acoustic vinyl
Allura im Bereich Fashion

Air quality

In the context of retail, numerous experiments carried out demonstrates that retail environments with lower air quality tend to have a higher client and staff dissatisfaction level, which will in turn lead to less time being spent in the retail environment and fewer repeat customers:

• Pollutant concentration
• CO2 concentration
• Odour
• Humidity

The type of floor you will install will influence the pollutant concentration.


Allura Made with Passion

Our Allura LVT collection is made with passion and knowledge and represents the next generation of LVT flooring. Allura offers a wide range of wood, concrete, stone and terrazzo floor designs in various tile and plank sizes.

With Allura LVT flooring we aim to solve today's key issues such as limiting valuable downtime, the re-usage of floors and and minimizing environmental impact. Our Allura LVT collections are easy to install and maintain, contain over 20% recycled content in the backing, and the extensive loose lay offer can also be removed and re-used.

Discover our Allura collection

Eternal Wood 36022 & Eternal Material 13322

Eternal Design Vinyl

Eternal is a high quality heterogeneous sheet vinyl floor covering that fits all general purpose needs in various segments and applications. The collection presents an advanced range of natural wood, stone, textile and colourful designs along with some exclusive digitally printed visuals.

Our Eternal vinyl floor coverings include a series of digitally printed flooring designs which offer a new dimension in colour and design whilst retaining the full performance specification of the Eternal core collection.

Discover our Eternal Collection
Discover Eternal Digital Print

Flotex Flocked Flooring

Flotex is a unique textile floor covering that combines the hard wearing and durable characteristics of a resilient floor with the quality, warmth and comfort of a carpet.

Flotex gives you all the warmth, slip resistance and sound deadening properties of carpet, yet it can be cleaned using standard cleaning equipment, ideal for busy areas such as changing rooms which need to be kept clean and hygienic.

With Flotex Vision, Forbo offers a unique collection of over 500 digitally printed designs in high level photographic resolutions.

Discover our Flotex Collection
Discover Flotex Vision

Flotex product construction
Linoleum im Fashionbereich


A natural winner! Our linoleum floor coverings with the Marmoleum brand are natural floors associated with sustainability, durability, high quality and innovative design. Linoleum is made from natural raw materials and is the most sustainable flooring choice.

Discover the natural beauty of Marmoleum flooring with over 300 colors & designs, ranging from marbled to linear and concrete, available in sheet, tiles & planks.

Discover our Linoleum Collection

Furniture Linoleum

Product display areas are often the first thing your customers come into contact with when they enter the store, and so dirty and scuffed surfaces can be a major issue.

Used in an "off the floor" application on counters and shelves, Forbo's Marmoleum presents a stylish yet durable surface which guards against scuffs and marks thanks to its Topshield2 protection. In addtion, our Furniture Linoleum collection is specfically designed to be used on surfaces and gives a matt finish which does not harbour fingerprints.

Specifically designed to be used on desktops and counters, our Furniture Linoleum range offers 21 solid colours with a mat tactile look that feel warm to the hand.

Discover Furniture Linoleum



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