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Retail - Entrance flooring

The first impression of your building

Bentall Shopping Centre Foot Bridge UK

Entrance Flooring

The first steps in protecting your building

Everybody knows that feeling of pride and pleasure that comes with walking on a newly installed and clean floor. And the disappointment as it then becomes dirty and worn. There’s a way to keep your floor
and premises looking clean and presentable year in year out, as well as a way to offer your visitors and employees a safe and hygienic environment. All you need is a proper well thought through entrance floor. This is why we invented our Coral and Nuway Entrance Flooring Systems.

Reducing slips and trips
Entrance matting used in the main entrances removes dirt and moisture from soles of shoes and wheeled traffic ensuring a clean, tidy and safe welcoming area for visitors.

First impressions count
The entrance can be personalised with a logo or welcome message, creating a professional and welcoming entrance area unique to the shop or retail formula.

Advice not just products
We make entrance systems, resilient and textile products so Forbo understands the impact of a total solution. We offer impartial advice on how best to plan the size and design of your entrance area and how an effective entrance can save on cleaning costs in the long run.

Coral Brush 5767

Fact: '6 metres of Coral can stop up to 95% of dirt and moisture entering a building.'


Coral Entrance Flooring

Forbo Coral entrance flooring delivers superior performance in even the toughest environments. Whether facing rain, snow, sand or soil, Coral keeps the outside from getting inside. Coral entrance floors are highly functional and through their design options always form an integral part of the buildings design scheme.

Coral is the international market leader in textile entrance flooring for almost 50 years and now offers you more choice than ever before. Each individual range in the collection has been designed to interact with different soiling behaviour as every entrance is a unique environment on its own.

Coral Luxe

With its luxurious appearance and rich pile height Coral Luxe may not immediately give the impression of a traditional entrance floor, but it is in fact a highly efficient clean-off solution for light to medium traffic areas where aesthetic appeal is a top priority.

Coral Luxe is particularly designed to enhance the aesthetic appeal of entrance lobbies, corridors and reception areas. Because of its luxurious look and feel, this deceptive soil and moisture barrier blends particularly well with other carpeted areas of the building.

Coral Luxe absorbs moisture from the soles of shoes and conceals dirt within the pile. The yarns used in Coral Luxe are designed for longevity and
appearance retention.

Discover Coral Luxe

Coral Luxe Roomshot

Fact: 'The primary backing of Coral Welcome is made from recycled PET bottles'

Coral Welcome Roomshot

Coral Welcome

With its contemporary linear design and rich, deep pile, Coral Welcome packs the style and aesthetic appeal of a luxury carpet. It makes an unequivocal statement in any entrance area. But Coral Welcome is more than just a fabulous looking floor covering – it’s an environmentally advanced one as well.

The secret lies in its use of Econyl® 100% regenerated yarn, which is made from regenerated industrial and postconsumer waste. In the creation of Econyl® products our supplier is waste positive, which means the amount of waste removed from the earth is greater than the amount of waste resulting from production.

On top of that, the production has a low environmental impact because we limit the consumption of natural resources and energy to a minimum. Taking the environmental aspect even further, the primary backing of Coral Welcome is made from recycled PET bottles.

Discover Coral Welcome

Fact: 'Coral Brush & Coral Classic are available in tile format for increased flexibility and reduced installation waste'

Coral Brush

Coral Brush is suitable for all types of entrance areas, absorbing moisture and removing dry soiling as the weather demands. Created around simple, solid colours, this collection works well with any interior design, serving as eye-catcher or self-effacing support for the rest of the floor design.

Coral Brush is made of three yarns: capillary yarns to absorb moisture, active dirt-scraping yarns and heavy duty texture yarns that can withstand the heaviest pounding. The space between the yarns serves to hide dirt, which ensures a clean appearance for longer.

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Coral Brush Roomshot
Coral Classic Roomshot

Coral Classic

Research shows that taking just two steps on Coral Classic’s moisture absorbing yarns is enough to absorb half of the foot-borne moisture that would otherwise be carried inside on the soles of people’s shoes. A few steps more and your feet are as dry as possible.

This has clear benefits. First, the floor coverings further inside stay cleaner, longer. Second, resilient floors like vinyl, linoleum, wood and concrete are less likely to become slippery and dangerous. Independent tests have shown that Coral Classic will maintain its performance – and appearance – for years to come thanks to the use of solid-colour yarns that guarantee its appearance throughout its lifespan.

Discover Coral Classic

Coral Duo

A short entrance zone and still keeping your floorcovering clean don’t go together, do they? Well, yes, they can. Coral Duo is the go-to solution when you need maximum dirt removal, unrivalled dirt retention and exceptional moisture absorption all in the short distance of just a couple of paces.

Research has shown that Coral Duo retains 10% more dirt in the first few metres than any other textile entrance flooring solution on the market. Which makes it the best choice for smaller entrances. Featuring a ribbed construction, Coral Duo is not only functional, it also provides an aesthetically pleasing aspect to any entrance area and is easy to combine with our Coral Brush and Classic collections in larger entrance spaces.

Discover Coral Duo

Coral Duo Roomshot

Fact: 'Coral is produced with 100% green electricity from renewable resources'

Coral Grip

Coral Grip

Want to know the secret to keeping your interior clean even when it
looks like a hopeless cause? Don’t start your entrance floor protection inside, start outside – by scraping off the largest soil particles before your visitors even cross the threshold.

Coral Grip is a versatile, non-woven clean off barrier mat for outdoor and indoor use that comes in mediumduty (MD) and heavy-duty (HD) formats. Standard Coral Grip has an open, non-backed, pervious structure, though it can also be manufactured with an Everfort vinyl backing to make it impervious. And when the going is really tough, there’s Coral Grip HD, whose patented embossed design and durable, pliable vinyl filaments ensure a highly effective dirt-scraping action.

Discover Coral Grip Medium Duty
Discover Coral Grip Heavy Duty

Coral Logo

Forbo has the capability to offer a bespoke print or cut-out design service that can be tailored to your precise design specification, offering individuality and a unique point of difference. Our Coral Logo collection offers a wide range of bright attractive colours.

Depending on the colours and design of your corporate identity, you can choose between a printed mat or one with a cut inset logo. The Coral Logo collection is designed to the same standards as all other Coral products, which means it will retain its looks whilst keeping out dirt and moist for years to come.

Discover Coral Logo

Coral Logo


Nuway Entrance Flooring

No entrance area is too big, too small or too awkwardly shaped for a Nuway rigid entrance matting system. No level of traffic is too heavy and no level of soiling is too high. Whatever type of rigid engineered system you have in mind, Nuway's experienced sales and technical teams can guide you to a solution tailored perfectly to your needs. Nuway offers a wide range of rigid single and double sided made-to-order mats which provide an outstanding first line of defense against soil & moisture entering your building.

Nuway Tuftiguard

At the heart of the Nuway range, Tuftiguard is our original and best selling entrance mat. It has the durability, strength and structural integrity to deliver excellent performance and appearance retention in intense traffic locations.

Nuway Tuftiguard delivers excellent performance and appearance retention in intense traffic locations and where high levels of soil have to be removed from the soles of shoes and wheeltreads.

Each Tuftiguard mat is assembled using aluminium (100% recycled) or Bamboo scraper bars, and buffed or unbuffed prime rubber and polyamide fibre composite wiper strips.

Discover Nuway Tuftiguard

Nuway Tuftiguard

Fact: '100% of the aluminium used in Nuway Tuftiguard mats is recycled.'

Nuway Tuftiguard Heavy Duty

Nuway Tuftiguard Heavy Duty

Nuway Tuftiguard Heavy Duty is the strongest type of matting in the Nuway range. It is an ideal matting solution for all internal and external entrance areas where heavy duty loads and intense pedestrian and/or wheeled traffic are to be catered for.

Nuway Tuftiguard HD is the ideal matting solution for all internal and external entrance areas where heavy duty loads and intense pedestrian and/or wheeled traffic need to be catered for.

Discover Nuway Tuftiguard Heavy Duty

Nuway Grid

Nuway Grid entrance flooring is a contemporary alternative to Nuway Tuftiguard and is an ideal solution in very heavy traffic entrance areas where aesthetic considerations are paramount. Grid is also easy to shape on site.

Discover Nuway Grid

Nuway Grid

Fact: 'Nuway Connect in open format is rollable for ease of cleaning'

nuway connect

Nuway Connect

Nuway Connect is versatile roll-up single sided entrance system that’s easy to shape on site, making it ideal for awkwardly shaped entrances.

All 3 elements of Nuway Connect - Ultragrip Rubber, Bristles and Coral Classic inserts - can be mixed and matched to create the precise entrance system to meet your needs.

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Coral Brochure

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Take a look in our Nuway Entrance Flooring Brochure.
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