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Flotex flocked flooring

Flotex is the high tech textile flooring brand of Forbo Flooring Systems and the only with a British Allergy Foundation approval. It is known for its unique construction, which is really hygienic, easy to clean and highly durable.

We offer different Flotex brands, all with the unique characteristics of Flotex flocked floor coverings. Each brand has its own unique design, which can be perfectly combined with other brands or even other flooring products like Marmoleum or our Entrance flooring systems.

Flotex Colour floor - 445022, 445027


What is Flotex?

Flotex is our textile flocked flooring brand, which is known for its high quality and unique construction. Because of this unique construction, Flotex is the most hygienic textile floor covering in the world. It is applicable in many different environments and for each environment, it has multiple advantages.

Flotex is the only textile floor covering to receive the Allergy UK Seal of Approval™. Thanks to the unique nylon construction of Flotex, allergens are trapped within its densely packed flocked pile, thereby reducing the number of allergens in the atmosphere. These are then safely released to standard vacuums on cleaning.

Discover the toughness and durability of Flotex which comes as a result of the up to 80 million nylon 6.6 fibres per square meter.

Flotex Colour floor - 982007, 982020, 982037

Difference between Flotex and carpet

If you are not familiar with Flotex yet, we could understand it looks like a normal carpet floor covering. However, the structure of these textile floor coverings is completely different. We will explain this in more detail.


All our Flotex floor coverings are manufactured by using up to 80 million straight nylon fibres per m2. These are electrostatically flocked into the backing of the floor. Because the nylon fibres in the Flotex floors are standing straight ahead, they capture fine dust and allergens. This unique structure ensures these can be released when vacuumed. That is why Flotex is the only textile flooring with a British Allergy Foundation approval.


Loop pile carpet or loose nylon cut pile fibres also retain fine dust and allergens, however, they’re not easily released due to the complex nature of the surface pile, resulting in bacterial growth and an unhygienic floor over time. Flotex offers the quietness and comfort of a carpet but is far more hygienic.

Flotex fibres - close up
Carpet fibres - close up

Flotex is really hygienic compared to other textile floor coverings. It provides 30 percent more soil removal than carpet.


Why should you choose Flotex?

When you need a new floor in your building or room, sometimes it's difficult to choose which type of floor will fulfill your needs in the best way. There are many different floor coverings available and each flooring type has its own advantages.

We will discuss the characteristics of our Flotex flocked flooring in more detail. Maybe it will help you to choose the right flooring solution!

Flotex Planks Concrete floor - 139001,139002, 139003
Allergy UK

Allergy free

Allergy UK has conducted a survey to ask people how they think about their workplace in relation to the presence of allergens. They concluded that close to 27% of working people could be allergic to their workplace.

Flotex has a unique construction that captures allergens and fine dust from the air and is easy to clean. It is even a better textile solution for allergens than hypoallergenic carpet floors. Vacuuming a Flotex flooring removes double the allergens compared to conventional carpet floors. This is one of the reasons why Forbo's Flotex flocked flooring is the only textile floor covering to be awarded the prestigious Allergy UK Seal of Approval™.

Washable flooring

Our Flotex floor coverings are waterproof and washable with many different cleaning products. Even mechanical wet cleaning is possible on this flooring solution. Because Flotex captures allergens and fine dust from the air, it's important to clean the floor in a good and easy way. The good thing is that the fibres of Flotex effortlessly release dust and allergens during cleaning, both dry and wet cleaning.

Carpet floors are also washable in many different ways, but because of the complex structure of the fibres, dust and allergens will settle in the carpet floor over time. When you compare Flotex and carpet flooring, Flotex is definitely the most hygienic textile flooring solution.

Another advantage of Flotex flocked flooring is the fast drying characteristic. When you need to clean your floor because something felt on the ground, for example, Flotex will be dry in a very short amount of time.

Flotex stain removal
Flotex, durable flooring solution

Wearability / Durability

Flotex is different from other textile floor coverings due to its unique construction. By combining a high density flocked surface with a heavy duty resilient foundation Flotex offers the best of both worlds.

Discover the durability and toughness of Flotex, which comes as a result of the 80 million nylon 6.6. fibres per square metre, while experiencing the quietness and comfort normally only associated with a carpet. This is a result of the impervious cushioned backing and high pile density. Because of its durable construction, the fibres will return to their original position and the floor remains as new.

Sound reduction

In some environments, it's essential to have spaces with low sound levels. Schools and offices are typical examples where noise is not appreciated. To illustrate: the number one concentration problem in schools is noise and during office working hours people's performance drops 66% when they are exposed to distracting noise. Therefore a sound reducing flooring solution could be an advantage in these environments.

The fibres within Flotex flooring offer the experience of quietness and comfort normally only associated with a carpet. Flotex has ≤ 22 dB impact on sound reduction and 0.25 in room sound rating. Flotex is the perfect flooring solution to avoid lots of noise in every room.

Sound reduction logo
Slip resistant logo

Slip resistant

We all want a safe environment in every room we visit. The floor is one of the key indicators to keep your room safe. Flotex flocked flooring is slip resistant, in dry and wet conditions. This is a big advantage if, for example, you are cleaning the floor while people are walking over it.


Flotex brands

Our Flotex flocked flooring collection contains multiple brands, which all have their own unique design characteristics. A short introduction!

Flotex Colour and Linear are ideal floor coverings when you like to have a large choice of different colours and structures. Flotex Cityscape creates a 3 dimensional floor design by the embossed lines in the floor. Flotex Vision and Bespoke are our digitally printed collections where you have endless possibilities to create your own designed flooring solution. Finally, we offer multiple brands created in collaboration with world-famous designers: our Flotex designer sheet ranges.

Discover all Flotex flocked flooring collections

Flotex Colour

Flotex Colour is our latest Flotex flocked flooring collection, introduced in 2019. This new collection contains four semi-plain design ranges - Calgary, Metro, Penang and Canyon - each with a different allover style and subtle print nuance.

Available formats: sheet, tiles, planks
Flotex Colour sheet
Flotex Colour tiles
Flotex Colour planks

Flotex Colour floor - 545022, 545024, 545028

Flotex Linear

Flotex Linear flocked flooring offers a stylish display of 5 individual linear designs that can be used in various installation types. The Flotex linear collection is colour coordinated between the ranges and can be combined to create exciting floor designs. Sheet and tile varieties of the collection give room for additional combinations.

Available formats: sheet, tiles
Flotex Linear sheet
Flotex Linear tiles

Flotex Linear floor - 565007

Flotex Planks

In the trends of modular flooring our Flotex Planks designs can help you create trendy floors that distinguish from any other design. You can play with designs, colour and installation patterns.

Available formats: planks
Flotex Planks

Flotex Planks Concrete floor - 139001, 139002, 139003

Flotex Vision digital library

Flotex Vision digital library offers a unique library of over 500 digitally printed floor designs, ranging from Floral patterns to realistic images of natural materials. To view all designs and colour combinations in room scenes, please visit our Flotex Vision website or our categories explanation overview.

Available formats: sheet
Flotex Vision sheet

Flotex Vision sheet floor

Flotex Cityscape

The embossed lines in Flotex Cityscape create an intriguing 3 dimensional floor design that changes in the light from whatever angle you look at it. This unique flocked tile range is inspired by the lines and intersections of the urban landscape. The grid like patterns which are embossed in the nylon fibers create a tactile & comfortable floor. Cityscape comprises the sophisticated linear integrity design and the multicoloured Complexity design.

Available formats: tiles
Flotex Cityscape tiles

Flotex Cityscape - t350011, t351011, t352011, t550003, t551003, t552003 & t553003

Flotex Bespoke

When you have your own idea for a flooring design, have it printed on Flotex. We can make the design for you and print it with our digital printing machines. You can play with logo’s, colours and matching prints. Let your imagination guide you.

Available formats: sheet

Find more information on our Flotex Bespoke design page.

Flotex flocked flooring - Bespoke Design

Flotex by Starck

Forbo Flooring Systems collaborated with visionary creator Philippe Starck in designing a highly innovative collection of floor covering systems: Flotex by Starck. Philippe Starck created a collection of 3 systems, named Vortex, Artist and Twilight. Each of them comes in four separate parts that can be freely arranged to create patterns for your project that adapts to your needs and preferences.

Available formats: sheet
Flotex by Starck sheet

Flotex by Starck - Vortex

Flotex Tibor

Pioneering textile designer Tibor Reich - creator of Tibor - was one of the most prominent figures in the British post-war textile industry. Forbo has teamed up with this British design legend on an exciting new flooring range. Most of the designs are derived from Tibor’s ground-breaking Fotexur collection, launched in 1957. Printed on Forbo Flotex in vibrant colours, Tibor’s innovative Fotexur designs have a timeless feel, despite dating back 70 years.

Available formats: sheet
Flotex Tibor sheet

Flotex Arbor - 980610 cornflower

Flotex Sottsass

Groundbreaking, both aesthetically and technically. Flotex Sottsass flocked flooring is the result of a creative collaboration between Forbo Flooring and the Italian design studio Sottsass Associati which is responsible for the famous Memphis Design trend at the end of the last century. The Sottsass designs present unique organic forms and irregular, apparently random patterns.

Available formats: sheet
Flotex Sottsass sheet

Flotex Sottsass floor


Where could Flotex be the best flooring solution?

When you look at the advantages of Flotex, it is not a big surprise that this flocked flooring is applicable in almost every environment. The fact that you can easily combine Flotex with other flooring types makes this product very flexible. However, for every segment Flotex has its own main advantages. Here you can find some examples of segments where Flotex could be a good flooring solution, including the biggest advantage of Flotex in these environments.

Flotex Linear floor - Cirrus
Flotex Colour floor - 545019, 545021


Creative and inspirational environments, that is what children need to learn and to develop. Besides playing and running they also need calm moments to concentrate. Flotex can offer it all. The colourful designs in our Flotex Colour collection can create the ideal surroundings for kids to grow up.

Flotex has the properties of a smooth floor but the acoustic performance of a textile floor. It’s also durable and excellent in capturing and releasing fine dust when vacuuming.

Why Flotex? < 22 dB impact sound reduction.
Sound absorption in schools is the most important feature to keep the noise down and let pupils and teachers have a good day at school.


Office designs require inspiration but also quietness in some places. You can play with Flotex whether you use the planks, tiles or sheet in combination with borders. Make your office the one to stand out and where everybody would like to work. The durable construction of Flotex will keep the floor as new. Impact sound reduction up to 22 dB is a plus as Flotex will bring the noise down even in open-space offices. In addition, room acoustics can be improved with 0.25dB. It also has an ultra-low emission, improving in-room health.

Why Flotex? Low roll resistance.
Flotex has a low roll resistance so it is easy to use in offices. Because of its durable construction, the fibres will return to their original position and the floor remains as new.

Flotex Colour floor - 982004, 982007, 982017, 982031
Flotex Colour floor - 246017, 246019

Healthcare & Elderly care

Feeling at home in a hospital or elderly care facility will help the healing and make people feel comfortable. When health care is needed, it could better be in an environment that doesn’t differ too much from what people are used to. Using Flotex can create that cosy and warm feeling. Being it easy to clean and safe to walk on is the additional benefit.

Why Flotex? Excellent slip resistance.
Flotex is safe to walk on even for people that are less stable on their feet. A safe feeling that adds up to the cosiness of the surrounding.

Leisure & Hospitality

Inviting and representative with visual appeal, that is what your restaurant, hotel or museum should be. The floor covering can be a vital part of this. Acoustic and cleanability are vital, the floor design will do the rest.

Why Flotex? Washable.
Flotex can be cleaned using water and a brush. It will not get slippery after cleaning and it dries quickly. So easy to keep your place clean.

Flotex Colour floor - Metro, Petrol, Citrus, Nimbus
Flotex Colour floor - 982007, 982020, 982037


Retail stores nowadays need to offer that extra feature to attract people to come to the actual store. A good design, way finding, colour influence and comfort are important. With Flotex all requirements can be met. The easy to clean and durable construction make that it stays attractive for years to come.

Why Flotex? Machine cleaning.
The retail floor needs to be clean when visitors come to the store. A safe, comfortable shopping environment with a floor that can be machine cleaned. Flotex can handle it and will last.


Flotex formats

Forbo Flooring Systems offers Flotex flocked flooring in multiple formats to give you endless possibilities to create your most desired floor. You can easily combine different formats and structures.

Flotex flocked floor coverings are available in sheet, tiles and planks. Flotex sheet is the perfect solution when you want to cover a large space with not so many different structures or colours. We recommend Flotex tiles or planks when you want to combine different structures, colours or even different flooring types (like Marmoleum and Flotex, for example).

Flotex FR Marine floor

Flotex tiles

Flotex flocked flooring tiles are high-quality textile floor coverings in sizes 50x50 cm and/or 50x25 cm. All these Flotex tiles are very easy to combine with other flooring solutions and formats, so you have endless possibilities to create your own modular design.

Flotex flocked flooring tile collections

Flotex Cityscape - t350003, t353003, t552003, t553003

Flotex planks

As modular flooring is a major trend, we've developed different Flotex plank collections in plank sizes of 100x25 cm. Stunning floorplans can be created with the contemporary designs that match every requirement.

Flotex flocked flooring plank collections

Flotex Colour floor - 946005, 946006, 946007, 946039, 946032, 946020

Embossing Highlight

Would you like to have areas of your floor that stand out? Think about the option to use tiles with embossing. This way you can play with the floor design and have areas or individual tiles be different from the rest. There are 12 Flotex Colour items that can be chosen with either the organic or glass embossing. Our Flotex Cityscape collection also includes embossing. All embossed Flotex has the same performance characteristics as any other Flotex flocked flooring.

Flotex Colour embossed collection
Flotex Cityscape collection

Flotex Colour floor - 546005 embossed

Emboss glass

Inspired by glass this pattern is a random geometric that can be used to add a striking accent to an installation.

Emboss organic

This is a versatile pattern that gives a subtle effect bringing direction to the tiles without being too formal.

Allergy approval

Allergy UK Seal of Approval

Flotex is the only textile floor covering to receive the Allergy UK Seal of Approval™. Thanks to the unique nylon construction of Flotex, allergens are trapped within its densely packed flocked pile, thereby reducing the number of allergens in the atmosphere. These are then safely released to standard vacuums on cleaning.

Allergy UK works with different manufacturers over the world to test and promote the benefits of products and appliances which may be of benefit to people affected by allergy.

All products that receive the Seal of Approval have been through scientific testing which is carried out by an independent laboratory to protocols which have been created by leading allergy specialists.

When you see a product with an Allergy UK Seal of Approval™ logo on it, you have the reassurance the product has been scientifically tested and proven to restrict/reduce/remove allergens from the environment. The Seal is also awarded to products with significantly reduced allergen content, which have been independently clinically/dermatologically tested and proven suitable for sensitive skin.

Allergy UK


Flotex: easy to clean and maintain

Cleaning and maintaining a Flotex floor is much easier than you should think. The straight nylon fibres capture fine dust and allergens, but these are easily released when vacuumed. Actually, vacuuming removes double the allergens on a Flotex floor compared to conventional carpet flooring.

We distinguish three stages of cleaning and maintenance: spot cleaning, regular cleaning and maintenance for a longer period.

More information about cleaning and maintenance of Flotex flocked flooring:
Cleaning & Maintenance instructions

Flotex and carpet comparison

Spot cleaning

Many kinds of spills can be removed with just clean warm water or a carpet detergent. The heavy and more stubborn spills can be removed using a paint scraper and a brush.

Flotex spot cleaning with water

Regular cleaning

Vacuuming and stain removal keeps Flotex looking good every day.

Flotex vacuum cleaning


A periodically maintenance using a rinse, brush and water vacuuming machine / 3 in 1 machine will guarantee the best result on Flotex.

Flotex regular maintenance