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Recap Stockholm Furniture Fair 2020

Stockholm Furniture Fair

In February 2020 Forbo Flooring Systems was present at the world's leading meeting place for Scandinavian design: Stockholm Furniture Fair.

On this page, you can find a summary of this event and a short introduction to the themes and topics presented at our stand.

Prototype Monika Faidi

At the Stockholm Furniture Fair we presented the results of an inspiring collaboration with our loyal Furniture Linoleum clients and our future ambassadors. Especially for the occasion a series of product prototypes and material samples are made presenting a communal story, connecting the past with today and envisioning a shared future.

Forbo stand at Stockholm Furniture Fair
The design

Stockholm furniture fair

We love innovation

We love to explore and have only just started to discover the endless possibilities of our Furniture Linoleum, a surfacing material that is warm in touch with a beautiful natural patina.

At the Stockholm Furniture Fair a sneak peek was seen of a Furniture Linoleum development in progress. So called Linoleum beta version 471 is a flexible material that is soft in touch with a subtle tangible surface texture. An easy to shape, soft linoleum specifically developed to cater the changing needs of the contemporary furniture industry. To research the potential of this new development 1:1 scale prototypes are made in collaboration with established furniture labels and independent designers.

Prototype with Flexible Linoleum beta version 471
Design by Studio ZwartFrame
Photo: studio ZwartFrame

Military chair Rietveld

We love heritage

Design icons such as Rietveld and Aalto connect us with the modern interior in which they find their place today. Contemporary classics combined with durable linoleum material together make timeless furniture designs.

At the Stockholm Furniture Fair we celebrated our linoleum legacy connecting past, present and future. We honour design icons from times gone by that are more relevant and alive than ever. The true innovators, the early adopters that recognized and embraced linoleum as a modernistic material.
In this exhibition our communal stories will be told with re-interpretations and modern translations of classic designs using contemporary linoleum colours. Discover our Furniture collection

Gerrit Rietveld Military Chair, special edition with six Furniture Linoleum colours
Produced by furniture label Lensvelt
Photo: Studio de Winter, Styling Thomas Eurlings

We love nature

We make green products using green ingredients: seeds, plants, crops and trees that can be harvested as long as the sun shines and the rain falls. Beautiful and sustainable designs with our endless and eternal material, together they will fuel the growth of a circular, CO2 neutral economy.

At the Stockholm Furniture Fair the naturalness of linoleum was revealed in inspiring new colour samples. Colour experiments that show the influence of the production process on the visual appearance of our linoleum. Recent colour trials applied on wonderful furniture designs that make the durability and naturalness of linoleum even more tangible than ever.

'Underneath A Surface' a material study of linoleum by Kita Keus
Photo by Kita Keus

Kita Keus

We are very grateful for the products and prototypes that are made by;

Artek, Faust Linoleum, Hay, Lensvelt, Rietveld Originals, Studio ZwartFrame, Normann Copenhagen, Daphna Laurens, Christien Meindertsma,
Kristoffer Heikkinen, Kita Keus, Studio Albert Lieuwe, Hemmo Honkonen,
Joe Clark, Lise Lefebvre, Satomi Minoshima, Frank Hoogveld,
Emmy Lemmens and Levi Baeten.