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Let's get this show on the road!

Our Marmoleum roadshow is on its way to a place near you. Between now and June 2022, we will be touring Europe in our Marmoleum truck to show you why our linoleum product, Marmoleum, is such a beautiful and sustainable product.

Marmoleum Roadshow
Marmoleum Roadshow | CO2 neutral

Our Marmoleum story by the truck-load

Promoting a cradle-to-gate CO2-neutral product in a diesel truck… a contradiction in terms, you say?

Well, the point is: for every square metre of 2.5mm Marmoleum produced, we capture 40 grams* of CO2, cradle-to-gate. Touring in a truck that emits just 2 grams of CO2 per km (type Euro 5), equates to every 20km of our route being compensated for with each m2 of Marmoleum manufactured.

Our truck is also fitted with solar panels that power the devices in the truck. And because we are coming to you rather than vice versa, customer travel all over Europe – to and from Forbo Flooring venues or exhibitions – is spared.

*source: Marmoleum 2.5mm EPD

What's to see?

The truck replicates a visit to the Marmoleum production plant. You’ll get to see everything from the raw materials used to make our linoleum product, right through to the final product hanging in a drying chamber. At this station, you can observe the entire factory production process in VR. This will give you a better understanding of how Marmoleum is made using only natural raw materials.

There are several interactive screens in the truck that illustrate the design properties of Marmoleum: play with colours on the new colour wheel and create a mood board of designs and images that inspire you. You can even visualise floors in various settings on the floor planner tool to get a feel of the final fitted look. Our ‘Dynamics of a Building’ design principle is also explained and elaborated on, as visitors are led through an imaginary building that highlights the specific dynamics.

Furthermore, roadshow visitors will be able to obtain information and downloads on various aspects of Marmoleum at a media wall as reference material.

Marmoleum Roadshow | Marmoleum production station
Marmoleum Roadshow | impression
Marmoleum Roadshow | impression sample wall

The truck is calling at most European countries. Visit our Roadshow page for more information or talk to your local sales contact to reserve a place in a city near you!

Marmoleum Roadshow | welcome | Photo: Tadas Mikuckis, courtesy of Unsplash

Nice to see you

The roadshow and our Marmoleum truck are an ideal means of reaching out again in person to our valued customers. After 18 months of meetings behind screens, we are looking forward to seeing you face-to-face, showing you around the truck and sharing a coffee or bite to eat on our roadshow terrace. Naturally, the roadshow will observe all local Covid rules in a real-life setting. We hope to see you there!