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Salone del Mobile 2019

Forbo Flooring Systems presenting Forbo + Rembrandt in the Dutch Pavilion during the Salone del Mobile in Milan, Italy.

Forbo + Rembrandt is a spectacular presentation of the connection between the paintings of Rembrandt and the way the master applied colour, structure, detail and tactility by using the pigments and materials that today still form the essence of the art of making Linoleum.

A short introduction

Forbo Flooring Systems is a global market player in Linoleum, project vinyl, carpet tiles, Flotex flocked flooring, Coral entrance systems and vinyl floor coverings. In addition to floor coverings, Forbo develops, manufactures and markets a full range of professional service products.

All Forbo products combine high levels of functionality and durability. Forbo Flooring Systems is committed to environmentally responsible production and to far-reaching customer service.

Forbo Flooring is part of the Swiss Forbo Group and owns twenty manufacturing plants and branches in 32 countries worldwide.

Forbo Flooring Systems Assendelft
Marmoleum co2 neutral

Marmoleum, our Linoleum brand

Our linoleum floor coverings with the Marmoleum brand are natural floors associated with sustainability, durability, high quality and innovative design. Linoleum is made from natural raw materials and is the most sustainable flooring choice.

Marmoleum is the first CO2 neutral resilient floor covering in the world. Forbo Flooring contributes to a better environment by producing a product which does not affect the worldwide climate change.

You can find more information about our Marmoleum products here.

Forbo Flooring Systems at Masterly

When exploring Rembrandt’s art and craftsmanship colour, refinement and the magic of light are most often highlighted as the master’s touch. When looking at the detail of the materiality of Rembrandts palette there is a striking resemblance with the raw materials used for making linoleum. Rembrandt’s canvas is the backing of linoleum sheet, Rembrandt’s paint is made with the same pigments and vegetable oil that create color in linoleum and Rembrandt’s delicate touch is seen in the refinement of the linoleum designs that are created today.

Forbo Flooring Systems wants to show people how we admire the work of this world-famous Dutch painting artist by presenting different creations in the Dutch Pavilion.

Many of the aspects of Rembrandt’s work, whether it is the refinement of his paintings, the loose touch of his drawings or the intricacy of his etchings can be found as elements that are part of the art of making linoleum.

Making linoleum is a craft which few people master. Mixing pigments with natural linseed oil, wood flour and rosin, creating colourful granules that when mixed together in the production process create organic designs that provide visuals full of detail and expression. Forbo’s palette is that of Rembrandt. It meets the eye of the master in its collections of color tones and structures making it available for modern and contemporary indoor spaces in places where people live, work, interact, relax, heal, learn and play.


As part of Masterly, the Dutch in Milano, Forbo Flooring Systems has recreated Rembrandt’s paintings, etchings and drawings into a modern colourful display in which the masterpieces are shown in their individual colors. The presentation in the Dutch Pavilion provides a fitting back ground illustrating how the two worlds meet.