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Flooring in the Bus & Coach industry

Within the Forbo portfolio are entrance systems, vinyl and flocked flooring, safety floors, adhesives, accessories and installation tools. For the bus and coach sector Forbo offers truly comprehensive and compliant flooring products.

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Bus & Coach Stairs
Bus & Coach Step

Safety Flooring

What are the most common causes of injury in the workplace? Slips and Trips. Floors have quite a bit to answer for as slips and trips are responsible for over 37* of accidents that lead to injury. That number of slip related accidents can be reduced significantly by choosing a Step floor. Protecting your travelers is easy when you use a safety flooring in your bus. There are several collections up to R12 slip resistance and specifically made for use in bus and coaches.

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*Source: Health and Safety Establishment, UK.


Want a luxurious atmosphere on your bus or coach? The answer is Flotex flocked flooring, which gives the look and feel of a carpet but functions as resilient flooring. This completely unique textile makes for hard wearing durable flooring, with the warmth and comfort of carpet. Flotex is made up from a solid vinyl, reinforced base with a densely flocked surface of nylon 6.6. fibres, that are anchored firmly into the base layer.
Flotex is easy to clean, function and durable, and extremely dimensionally stable, which makes it a commendable resilient flooring solution.

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Bus & Coach Flotex
Transport flooring

Coral Textile

To effectively reduce costs of cleaning, repair and maintenance you need a good quality entrance matting system. Forbo Coral can stop up to 94% of walked in dirt and moisture, thus reducing cleaning costs up to 65%, prolonging the life of interior floor finishes and coverings while preventing the floor from becoming dangerous from slips and trips. We offer flooring solutions for every application and area, and our textile ranges are very suitable for use in rail applications.
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Bus & Coach Coral