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Tools of the trade

The professional floor installer needs the right tools in good condition. Many tools are simple and relatively inexpensive, other more automated expensive tools may useful for very large areas and can be hired. With electrical equipment, a transformer may be necessary to fit equipment to the voltage available on site.


1. Stripping machine for removing old floorcoverings. 2. Scrapers.3. Cold Chisel.
4. Claw Hammer.5. Saws.6. Screwdriver.
7. Kneepads.8. Masks.9. Drill and whisk for smoothing compounds.
10. Hand whisk.11. Drill bits.12. Plane.
13. Carborundum stone.14. Screeding trowel.15. Brush.
16. Broom

Subfloor prep tools


17. Surface hygrometer and insulating case.18. Drill and bit.
19. Transformer.20. Probe hygrometer kit.
21. Electrical probe

subfloor testing


22. Straight edges.23. Knife with straight blade.
24. Knife with hook blade.25. Spare blades (including concave blade for decorative work).
26. Bar scriber with pins and blades for cutting cushioned vinyl.27. Divider.
28. Over-and-under scribers.29. Folding rule and flat pencil.
30. Pin vices.31. Chalk line and powdered chalk.
32. Forbo Tile Scriber (for tiles on the diagonal).33. Correctly notched trowel.
34. Forbo Trimmer.35. Needles and syringe (for ‘bleeding’ adhesive blisters)
36. 68kg, or similar, floor roller.37. Hand roller.
38. Skeleton gun for dispensing perimeter sealants.

Installation tools


39. Straight edge.40. Hot air gun.
41. Welding gun.42. ‘Speedweld’ nozzle and cleaning brush.
43. ‘P’ groover and ‘Safety Flooring’ groover.44. Welding cable guide roller (for vertical seams).
45. Forbo Groover.46. Slider and spatula blade for trimming and welding cable.
47. Mozart trimming knife.48. Mitre Box
49. Nylon scouring pad.50 steel wool



53. Spiked roller54. Smoothing Hammer.
55. Glyda.56. Forbo Carryset.
57. Forbo Compass and extension.58. Strip Cutter.

finishing tools


The Marmo/ Vinyl cart is perfect for transporting heavy rolls of material with ease.
The trolley pivots to allow the rolls to be rolled out and cut with ease.
The trolley comes apart in two pieces for easy transport.

Marmo vinyl trolley