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Forbo Flooring Systems Australia introduces the CONNECT program.
Connect links all stakeholders on a project and offers inspiring skills-based training to deliver beautiful, sustainable floors that perform for decades.

  • The Forbo Connect program works by connecting all relevant parties involved in the delivery of a specification in a structured transparent, positive communication loop. Highly skilled installers and proven floor contracting partners take care of your specification ensuring positive outcomes are achieved.

    A documented framework is utilised ensuring quality every step of the way to beautiful and successful flooring installation.

  • Value for installers:
    • One to one core linoleum skills training
    • Connect promotional pack
    • Links to specification market
    • 25-year product warranty

    Value for Specifiers
    • Project Management and quality
    • 25 year warranty
    • Transparency from Spec to working floor
    • Ongoing support and backup for your client

  • Case studies

    Forbo Connect Projects

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