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Cleaning & Maintenance

Forbo floorcoverings are designed to look good over many years in use. They will look their best and perform well for longer if they are properly installed and properly maintained from day one.

Cleaning marmoleum


The majority of Forbo floor coverings have an advanced factory finish applied at the end of the manufacturing process.

• There is no need to attempt to remove this finish, which provides the perfect base for modern low-cost cleaning and maintenance regimes

• Removing the UV cured finish could be harmful to the floorcovering and reduce optimal life

• Never apply polish to anti-static, static-conductive or safety floorcoverings. In the same way a car needs petrol, oil and servicing to run smoothly, so does a floor covering need to have soiling removed and a regular yet simple programme ‘tuned’ to the performance required.

• Heavy traffic increased frequency, less traffic less frequency. No floor covering cleans itself after midnight no matter what you may hear.

General Cleaning Advice

Protect newly laid floors
All newly laid floors should be covered and protected from all other trades during the contract with a suitable non-staining protective covering. Use protective feet on chairs and tables to reduce scratching. Castor wheels should be of soft material suitable for resilient floor coverings (according to EN425)

Use Entrance Systems
Keep your floor and premises looking clean & presentable with proper entrance flooring. Forbo Coral reduces cleaning time by up to 65% and can stop up to 95% of dirt and moisture from entering a building. Whether it be a single classroom or large multi-purpose building, Coral can help extend your internal floors life and reduce cleaning costs.
view our coral collection

Benefits of Coral
CHO cleaner

Key Principles

1. Where possible, PREVENT dirt from reaching the floorcovering: it will take less time and effort to clean.

2. Use MINIMUM MOISTURE and aim for MAXIMUM SOIL REMOVAL. Clean dry what can be cleaned dry: it is safer and more cost-effective.

3. PREVENTION is better than cure. Good initial preparation of a resilient floor will set a high standard of appearance which it will be cost-effective to maintain and which will enhance the life cycle of the product.

4. LEAVE NO RESIDUAL ALKALINITY. Many cleaning chemicals are alkaline: however, probably more cleaning problems are created by alkaline residues than by any other factor. Rinse neutralise wherever highly alkaline chemicals are used.

5. NO CONTAMINATION of equipment. Colour code mops to ensure contamination of maintenance materials does not occur.

Cleaning Products


If ever there was a miracle cleaning product, Forbo Monel is the one. Monel is an effective PH neutral cleaner and has a matt finish that protects Forbo's Marmoleum, vinyl and timber floor coverings. Monel is used in minute dilutions and can be used in commercial machines or at home with a cap full and mop and bucket.

Monel prevents stubborn dirt from sticking to the flooring surface. Monel cleans and protects and can be used neat dabbed on a cloth to fix scratches, blemishes and scuffs. Monel is very much a "less is more" cleaning product providing a simple process with excellent results. Every home and office should have a bottle of Monel.

Forbo monel 818 cleaning

Download centre

  • Forbo 818 Monel - Technical Datasheet

    Forbo 818 Monel - Technical Datasheet

  • Monel 818 - MSDS

    Forbo Monel 818 - MSDS

Direction for use
The floor surface is protected by the application of a Monel film.
This film absorbs wet dirt and will be removed by the next cleaning action.
With regular use of the Monel method, the original appearance of the floor is retained.

Regular cleaning
Wipe with a dust mop and dust cloth.
Remove spots with a damp mop.

Periodical cleaning
Wipe with a dust mop and dust cloth.
Clean with Monel and mop (0.25 l. Monel/10 l. water).
Allow floor to dry.

Maintenance (occasional)
Scrub with Monel and scrub brush (0.25 l. Monel/10 l. water).
Pick up dirty water with wiper and mop or water vac.
Rinse with clean water and mop.
Apply Monel film using Monel solution and mop (0.25 l. Monel/5 l water).
Allow floor to dry.

Less than 5% non-ionogenic materials.
Keep out of reach of children.
If swallowed, seek medical advice.

Other cleaning products

Other cleaning products may be used, the Best strategy is to consult the preferred supplier and refer to our recommended methods. If in any doubt please contact a local Forbo consultant.

Note: Avoid the use of highly alkaline products (pH >10).
Products, such as strippers and heavy-duty cleaners, can be harmful to people, to the environment and/or to the finish or even to the flooring itself. Do not take the risk; safe and good alternatives are available for every necessary action. Forbo FloorCare products all fall within a safe pH-range, for other brands consult the supplier.

Spot and stain removal


On very many occasions spots and spills can simply be wiped up. If the spot proves stubborn rubbing down with a moist piece of nylon web e.g. kitchen pad or the centre of a floor pad and some neutral detergent will often suffice.

Occasionally volatile chemicals can be accidentally spilt on the floor surface. Very often these will evaporate before the damage is severe. It is however very important to tackle spots and spills as soon as is reasonably practical.

Spots which have dried in and become stains can be very often removed by abrading down the floor surface with a coarser nylon pad and neutral detergent.

Marmoleum easy to clean


Unlike linoleum, vinyl floorcovering can be permanently stained if
bitumen or asphalt is trafficked onto them and not cleaned off.

Likewise, if severe black rubber scuff marks are left on a vinyl floor the anti-oxidant in the rubber will migrate chemically down into the vinyl and cause a brown or yellow stain which cannot be cleaned off. A similar brown or yellow stain can sometimes be seen on vinyl floors where an incorrect adhesive has been used and the stain has worked its way up through the floorcovering.

A bitumen substrate which is not correctly covered will have the same effect. Such stains cannot be removed.
Cigarettes stubbed out or left smouldering on a good quality vinyl floor will melt the floorcovering. When it cools the ash and tar are trapped and the mark cannot be buffed away.

The same is true of carpets with a synthetic fibre pile whereas a wool carpet will char and most of the charred fibres can be brushed away. Any protective coating on a linoleum floor will be melted by the cigarette but the linoleum underneath will only
be charred and the mark can be removed by machine or Hand Scrub and the gloss restored by applying a little polymer or maintainer.

Allura Flex 0.55 1942 cleaning & maintenance


Remember, a little detergent goes a long way. Rinsing is extremely important – always ensure that all detergent has been removed.
If a stain comes back, either the spillage has not been properly removed or there may be detergent residue left behind.

Soak with warm water then scrape, scrub, rinse. For larger areas use a hot water extraction machine.

Flotex spot and machine clean

Cleaning & Maintenance FAQ

Can I use a strand type mop to clean Safestep flooring?

Surestep, Safestep R11, Safestep R12, Aqua, Laguna vinyl floor coverings offer enhanced and compliant slip resistance due to their surface structure and particles that are embedded throughout the product. Because of the high friction properties of these floor coverings, normal dry and damp mopping methods are not suitable and correct equipment should be used.

Material strands type mop are not suitable and will shed. Forbo recommends using monofilament or polyester mops.

What pad colour should I use for the Spray method?

Most producers use colour codes for their pads. In general, a darker the colour means a harder pad. One of the biggest suppliers offering these pads is 3M; the buffing pad code of 3M is red; as a scrub pad a 3M red or green pad is commonly used. Many other suppliers conform to this code, but it is good practice to check this, in order to prevent errors.