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Marmoleum is our worldwide linoleum brand, which is known for its natural origin, durable character, versatility in its application and easiness to clean and install.

Marmoleum, linoleum of Forbo

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Marmoleum CO2

What is Marmoleum?

Our linoleum floor covering, Marmoleum is made from up to 98% natural raw materials. Containing linseed oil, wood flour, rosin and jute, Marmoleum is the most sustainable, environmentally friendly flooring materials on the market and contains zero pvc or plasticizers.

Marmoleum is available in three core design collections, Solid, Marbled and Linear, each offering a unique aesthetic in a variety of textures and a colour palette ranging from vibrant hues to subtle tone-on-tone shades

Lasting up to and more than 25 years, it is also antibacterial, allergy approved for interior spaces. Easily, the most sustainable, healthy, and through purposeful design, the most engaging resilient flooring.

Why is Marmoleum so natural?

Plants are the source of Marmoleum floors, as they grow they ultimately provide the natural ingredients for linoleum. The flax plant flowers produce linseed from which the vegetable oil is extracted. Rosin, which is responsibly extracted from re-planted pine forests, is combined with the linseed oil to form the very essence of linoleum.

Limestone and wood flour - residue from the recycled materials from the forestry industry - provide substance to the linoleum, while the fibres from the jute plant are used for the jute mesh carrier on which linoleum is calandered. Pigments color the floor and give it its characteristic visual.

CNCF - Gumtree's

Planting native trees through Marmoleum

Every square metre of Marmoleum now contributes to restoring Australian native forests! This is not offsetting as Marmoleum is already CO2 neutral! This is a pure habitat regeneration.

Forbo Flooring Systems Australia has partnered with The Carbon Neutral Charitable Fund to plant native Australian trees and shrubs to help restore Australia's biodiversity.

Manufacturing a product that is naturally carbon neutral and working with an organisation like CNCF to replant native trees and shrubs is just one way we can make a positive and real difference to the built and natural local environment. Learn More


Forbo Floorcare for linoleum floors

Our Topshield2 floor finish takes the performance of our Marmoleum floors to a new dimension. Topshield2 has been designed to create a ‘ready to use’ Marmoleum flooring

Benefits of Topshield2 fnish
● No initial maintenance or polymer
● Less soiling and dirt pick-up
● Can be repaired or refreshed in cases of accidents
● Bacteriostatic
● Resistant against disinfectants
● Overall improved stain resistance
● Efficient & easy dry cleaning
● Simple maintenance
● Less scratches and dirt traps
Topshield2 brochure

Forbo Monel

If ever there was a miracle cleaning product, Forbo Monel is the one. Monel is an effective PH neutral cleaner and has a matt finish that protects Forbo's Marmoleum, vinyl and timber floor coverings.

Monel prevents stubborn dirt from sticking to the flooring surface. Monel cleans and protects and can be used neat dabbed on a cloth to fix scratches, blemishes, and scuffs. Monel is very much a "less is more" cleaning product providing a simple process with excellent results.
Find a local monel stockist

Monel 1L bottle

Cleaning advice

As with all newly installed floor coverings Marmoleum should be protected from heavy traffic, particularly high point load wheeled traffic, for 72 hours and must not be washed for 48 hours after installation.

Cleaning detergent
Forbo recommends using neutral detergent (pH 7) such as Forbo's monel which also works as an excellent overall appearance retainer.

Note: Avoid the use of highly alkaline products (pH >10).
Products, such as strippers and heavy-duty cleaners, can be harmful to people, to the environment and/or to the finish or even to the flooring itself. Do not take the risk; safe and good alternatives are available for every necessary action. Forbo FloorCare products all fall within a safe pH-range, for other brands consult the supplier.

Document downloads

  • Forbo Monel Cleaning Detergent MSDS

    Material safety datasheet

  • Marmoleum cleaning & maintenance

    Cleaning & maintenance guide

  • Marmoleum and vinyl floor care using monel

    cleaning method guide



Areas to receive flooring should be clean, free from other trades, fully enclosed and weather tight. Subfloors should be clean, smooth, sound and permanently dry in accordance with AS 1884-2012.

Tools required
• utility knife straight blade• utility knife hook blade
• adhesive spreader• putty knife
• precess under scriber• measure device
• pencil• safety gloves
• 65kg pressure roller• combi bar scriber

Marmoleum tools

Moisture and Alkaline testing

Shown below is an excerpt pertaining to moisture and alkaline testing from the Australian Standards 1884 – 2012 Floor coverings—Resilient sheet and tiles— Installation practices. Dryness
Before subfloor preparation is performed and a floor covering is laid on a concrete subfloor, the dryness of the concrete shall be determined as described in Appendix A.

Appendix A - A3.1 Concrete subfloors.

A3.1.1 Test methods
Wherever possible the relative humidity in-situ probe test in accordance with ASTM F2170 shall be carried out on the subfloor as, even though the surface may record an acceptable moisture content reading, this may not be the case beneath the surface.

The only exception to using this test is where there is in-slab heating, a security system, an anti-static wiring installation or where slabs have been treated with a penetrative moisture suppressant. In these cases the surface mounted insulated hood test in accordance with ASTM F2420 shall be performed.

A3.1.2 Relative humidity in-situ probe test
Concrete subfloors shall be considered sufficiently dry when measurements taken in accordance with ASTM F2170 do not exceed 75% relative humidity.

Three tests shall be performed for the first 100 m2 and at least one additional test for each additional 100 m2 and other recommended positions in accordance with ASTM F2170. Refer to the adhesive manufacturer’s recommendation for acceptable relative humidity levels for their product.

A3.1.3 Relative humidity surface mounted insulated hood test
Concrete subfloors shall be considered sufficiently dry when measurements taken in accordance with ASTM F2420 do not exceed 70% relative humidity.

Three tests shall be performed for the first 100 m2 and at least one additional test for each additional 100 m2 and other recommended positions in accordance with ASTM F2420. Refer to the adhesive manufacturer’s recommendations for acceptable relative humidity levels for their product.

NOTE: The surface of the test area should be mechanically prepared to ensure it is clean, open and porous.

Welding linoleum installation video

Netfit linoleum installation video

Installing Marmoleum

Installation tips

• Always conduct moisture and alkaline tests on all subfloors and substrates as required according to the recommendations of AS 1884-2012. All on grade and below grade concrete subfloors/substrates must have an effective moisture barrier.

• Marmoleum sheets should be laid in the same direction for seaming.

• Areas that cannot be rolled with the large roller e.g. abutments such as door frames or skirting boards should be rolled with a hand roller or pressed into the adhesive with a rubbing hammer.

• Always clean away excess adhesive with a damp cloth before it is allowed to dry.

For more installation, tips and tricks download our:
Marmoleum sheet installation guide


Adhesives for Marmoleum

Adhesives are formulated for specific products and applications; use only Forbo adhesives for the installation of Forbo flooring products. In order to achieve a successful bond and fully warranted system.

An adhesive for jute backed linoleum must be firm when cured and prevent the material from stretching in the width, as a more elastic the adhesive will permit it to do, and must immediately grab the linoleum and hold it down to the floor.


Adhesives for Marmoleum

414 Euroflex Lino Plus

Product description
Linoleum adhesive with a high initial grab, non-flamable, easy and safe to apply, roller-castor-chair resistant and fast tack.

Suitable for
• Marmoleum sheet (inc Marmoleum acoustic)
• Marmoleum modular planks & tiles
• Bulletin Board

Article reference:414
Package:14 kg / 15 litres
Approx coverage: up to 32.5m2
Trowel size to use: 2.4mm x 2.4mm “V’ notch
Shelf life12 months, in unopened packaging

414 Euroflex lino plus msds

414 Euroflex Lino Plus

614 Eurostar Lino Plus

Product description
Very low VOC-emission linoleum adhesive with a high initial grab for the installation of linoleum in sheets and tiles, linoleum aquajet designs and borders, and cork-underlayment. Roller-castor-chair resistant.

Suitable for
• Marmoleum 2.5mm sheet (inc. Marmoleum Acoustic)

Article reference: 614
Order unit:11 kg
Approx coverage:up to 42m2
Trowel size: 2.4mm x 2.4mm “V’ notch

614 Eurostar lino plus msds


540 Eurosafe Special

Product description
Solvent-free, non-flammable, easy and safe to apply, high initial adhesion strength and final bond strength, favourable spreading capacity, roller-castor-chair resistant.

Suitable for:
• Marmoleum decibel

Article reference: 540
Order unit:13 kg
Approx. coverage:up to 52m2
Trowel size: 2mm x 6mm “V’ notch or B1 trowel

540 eurosafe special msds


615 Eurostar Lino EL (EC-1 conductive)

Product description
Solvent-free conductive linoleum adhesive with a high initial grab, very low VOC-emission. Electrical resistance < 105 Ohm, Very low VOC-emission, micode EC 1, solvent-free, non flammable, easy and safe to apply, high initial adhesion strength, favourable spreading capacity, roller-castor-chair resistant.

Suitable for:
Marmoleum ohmex

Article reference: 615
Order unit:11 kg
Approx. coverage:up to 42m2
Trowel size: V notched trowel with 2mm serrations at 6mm centres

615 eurostar lino plus el


Net fit seams

Save yourself time and money

Marmoleum does not shrink over time when properly installed.
That means welding, in the majority of cases, is not required. Skilled installers can make perfect joints without using a welding cord.

With a proper Marmoleum installation, you will have a water-resistant floor – one that can be cleaned with water, even when not welded.

If there is no specific requirement to weld, save yourself the time and money by having less steps and stick to the net fit seam installation.

Net fit seam 2 - marmoleum solid 3860

About the benefits of net fit seams

How to install Marmoleum via net fit

Benefits of net fit

● Improved aesthetics with no weld lines to disrupt the visual and accent the seams
● Improved environmental performance with a substantial reduction in CO2 footprint by eliminating the use of a high wattage heat gun for installation of weld rods.
● Reduced overall installed cost and time

While remaining
● Water-resistant
● Bacteriostatic, 3rd party research shows that net fit seams are as hygienic as heat-welded sheet vinyl.

For more information on the hygienic properties of net fit seams
download our report.

Net fit seams 2


Installation with welding

Welding may be necessary or even prescribed in certain situations. Local laws or regulations may also require you to weld in certain situations.

There are many matching colors in our welding wire, both in uni and in multi-color. For design or decorative reasons, a non-matching color can be chosen, so that the welding wire marks the floor.

Marmoweld Uni (single colour)

After installation, linoleum floors can be welded together for functional, decorative or hygienic reasons.

Marmoweld Uni welding wire is available in all simple colors that perfectly match the available collections

Packaging:50 m
Colours:All Marmoleum colours


Marmoweld MC (multi colour)

After installation, linoleum floors can be welded together for functional, decorative or hygienic reasons.

Marmoweld MC (multicolor) welding wire is available in all simple colors that perfectly match the available collections.

Packaging:50 m
Colours:All Marmoleum colours


Marmoweld documents:

  • Marmoleum Welding rods overview

    Welding rods overview

  • MSDS Welding rod Marmoweld

    Material safety datasheet

  • Marmoleum sheet Installation guide

    Installation guide

  • Declare Label - Marmoweld (Exp. 2019.10.01)

    Declare label

Uni colour weld or multi-coloured weld?

Vivace with uni welding rod

Uni colour weld

Vivace with uni welding rod

Multi-colour welding

Weld problem solving

We know from experience that the circumstances in which welding takes place and the type of hair dryer or welding machine that is used can influence the processing.

If the wire hardly melts as in the photo on the right, then the temperature is too low. Raise the temperature or the speed

Weld temperature too low example

Right temperature

At the right temperature, two dikes form next to the round shape of the welding wire.

Welding at right temperature example

Temperature too high

If the dikes on the side merge too much as in the photo on the right, then the temperature is too high. Lower the temperature or the speed.

Warning! The linoleum can burn if the temperature is too high.

welding temperature too hot


QuickFit Solution

Forbo Quickfit is an instant, loose lay, subfloor system with a self-adhering Forbo foam underlay. Wood or cementitious subfloors can be levelled quickly and easily without any “grin through” from the subfloor panels. An ideal solution, as a smooth subfloor is essential for a perfectly installed floor.

QuickFit panels
● Each packet contains: 5 panels of 3 mm (coloured adhesive) and 5 panels of 4 mm (clear adhesive). 7 mm in total
● Each panel measures 120 x 60 cm.
● A packet of QuickFit panels covers 3.6 m2 / 36 m2 per pallet

● 25 m x 100 cm width
● Thickness 4 mm
● Performs as an excellent moisture barrier
● Self-sticking
● Impact sound reduction of 23dB with 2mm Marmoleum.

QuickFit System

Acoustic Solution

A Corkment underlay can be used in combination with regular Marmoleum to achieve an impact sound reduction of 14dB. First the Corkment should be installed - with the jute side up - at right angles to the same direction as that of the Marmoleum sheet.

Wait 24 hours for the adhesive to set. Then install the Marmoleum on top of the Corkment. Follow the standard installation procedures.

● Thickness: 2 mm
● Length, Width: 32 m x 2 m
● Can also be used with Forbo's Eternal and Step products

corkment system

Technical bulletins

Dry room yellowing

As all linoleum completes its maturing, a temporary and variable natural phenomenon occurs which may give the product a yellow tint.

Expose the product to either natural or artificial light to allow this tint to disappear and the true colour of Marmoleum will develop.” Yellowing is related to the natural linseed oil and usually only occurs on lighter colours in blue, grey and greens.

"Yellowing" Marmoleum product factsheet

drying room yellowing

Bight mark in Marmoleum

Bight marks are not manufacturing defects
3km runs of Marmoleum mature in large drying rooms in continuous rolls up to 16 metres high. At the top, the linoleum passes over a pole, face inwards, and at the bottom forms a loop, or bight, face outwards.

During the 2-3 week curing process the weight of the material causes the linoleum to mould a little to the pole at the top causing a mark across the width which is always cut out at the factory. The fold or “bight” at the bottom is however more gentle though sometimes detectable as a slight ridge across the middle of a full roll about 15 cm wide.

how to fix marmoleum bight mark guide

Bright mark in Marmoleum