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Flooring for Rail

Forbo offers a truly comprehensive and compliant flooring product portfolio for the rail sector. All floor coverings are certified according to EN 45545-2 with a minimum rating of HL2. Within the portfolio are entrance systems, vinyl floors, linoleum floors, textile carpets, flocked flooring as well as adhesives, accessories and installation tools. Our floor coverings are fully certified to suit many types of trains.

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KiwiRail - Tessera carpet rail flooring
Coral FR Rail

Coral FR Entrance Flooring

First impressions are crucial. Which is why an effective entrance flooring that stops dirt and moisture being tracked into carriages and saloon entrances is fundamental to modern train design.

By removing wet and dry soiling from the soles of shoes and wheel treads, an effective entrance system reduces premature wear and tear to interior floor coverings, minimizes cleaning and maintenance costs and protects passengers by reducing slip hazards.

• High moisture absorption
• Dirt scraping for effective clean-off
• Excellent soil hiding properties
• Advanced colouring and design choice
• Reaction to fire EN 45545-2: HL2/HL3

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Flotex FR Flocked Flooring

Flotex FR is a unique flocked floor covering, combining the cleaning properties and durability of a resilient flooring with the comfort, slip resistant and acoustic properties usually associated with textile flooring.

Our Flotex Vision FR range comes in over 500 designs and colours and is digitally printed. We offer a complete custom design service, allowing you to match the floor precisely to your interior design scheme or corporate identity colours.

• High durability
• Hygienic
• Easy to clean due to short nylon fibres
• Slip resistant
• Improved indoor air quality - Independently approved by Allergy UK
• Reaction to fire EN 45545-2: HL2
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Flotex FR Rail

Marmoleum FR2 & Striato FR Linoleum

Marmoleum FR2 & Striato FR linoleum offers total versatility in terms of colour and design, but what makes this floor covering really stand out is the fact it is created using a high percentage of natural raw materials, with renewable and recycled content. All Marmoleum FR2 & Striato FR floors include Topshield, a double layer, UV-cured finish that is scratch and scuff resistant, easy to maintain and ensures long lasting appearance retention. Marmoleum FR2 & Striato FR are the ideal solution for heavy traffic rail vehicles.

• Homogeneous durable construction
• Low life cycle costs - easily repaired
• Resistance to cigarette burns
• Wide range of colours per design
• Reaction to fire EN 45545-2: HL3
• Cigarette burn resistant

Environmental leadership (Marmoleum FR2):
• 71% natural raw materials
• 44% recycled material content
• 29% of raw materials are rapidly renewable

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Dutch Railways - Marmoleum FR linoleum rail flooring
Tessera Nexus FR

Tessera FR Carpet Broadloom Carpet

Tessera FR is a collection of attractive, hardwearing carpets, offered in various pile constructions and textures, all designed to deliver specific aesthetic and performance advantages. Available in 3 designs; Helix, Alignment and Nexus. The installation of carpet in rail vehicles adds significant warmth, comfort and acoustic benefits.

• Durability and appearance retention
• Flexibility in colourisation
• Slip resistance
• Reaction to fire EN45545-2: HL2

View the Tessera FR range
Download the Tessera FR Technical Specification
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Coral Move Vision FR & Coral Move FR Broadloom Carpet

Coral Move Vision FR carpet offers exactly the same technical characteristics as Coral Move FR tufted carpet. The difference however is that Coral Move Vision FR uses a digital printing process, as opposed to pre-dyed yarns being tufted in different design styles, which allows for far greater customisation possibilities in terms of design and colour.

• Extensive customisation possibilities, using digital printing
• Premium cut-pile carpet specification achieves luxurious ambience and underfoot comfort
• Durability and appearance retention due to 100% nylon construction
• 100% of Coral Move Vision FR yarn is Econyl®
• Natural latex backing from rapidly renewable source
• Carpet pile density delivers slip resistance and outstanding acoustic properties
• Ease of maintenance due to open cut pile construction
• Reaction to fire EN 45545-2: HL2
• Available with Pro-Fit backing for quicker installation.

Download the Coral Move Vision FR Range
View the custom design step-by-step guide for Coral Move Vision FR
Download the Coral Move FR Range
Download the Coral Move Vision FR & Coral Move FR Technical Specifcation
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Coral Move Vision FR
Fleet FR

Fleet FR

The robust, hard wearing properties of Fleet FR wall and ceiling covering, meets the demands of high traffic rail environments that require long lasting performance and ease of maintenance.

Fleet FR is available in the 8 colourways shown below or can be manufactured in custom colourways to match any NCS/RAL reference.

• Durable, high quality polyester fibres
• EN 45545-2: HL2/R1
• Reduces ambient noise, making it ideal for use in places that require a tranquil atmosphere and a minimum of noise distractions - sounds absorption at 400MHz, aw=0.25
• Lightweight at 550g/m2
• Self-adhesive backing allows for quick and easy installation, saving time and money
• Custom colourations can match NCS/RAL colours, to complement any design scheme

Download the Fleet FR Range
Download the Fleet FR Technical Specifcation
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