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Office spaces

From large open plan areas to individual meeting rooms and everything in-between, Forbo's modular floor coverings offer the opportunity to rotate and renovate on a tight budget without compromising on aesthetics or design.

Linoleum Modular tile flooring - Healthy Office Flooring
Modular Stylish Plank Textile Flooring For Office Spaces

Flotex Flocked Flooring

Flotex Flocked Flooring is the only product available in the flooring market that exceeds in combining the best of both worlds, comfort and resilience.
Flotex offers a floor covering solution for areas where safety hygiene and well-being are high in demand.

• Flotex is 100% waterproof
• R12 slip rating even when wet!
• Flotex releases 30% more dirt compared to carpet
• Quiet flooring (19dB)
• Allergy UK approved
• Capture fine dust & allergens which are easily realised when vacuumed
• Up to 70 million fibres per m2

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Do you have work fever?

Luxury vinyl tiles & Planks

The all new Forbo Allura collection presents the ultimate in realistic natural and abstract designs that have been created with state of the art production techniques and processes to create the most realistic and natural material expression in luxury vinyl tiles.

Produced and designed in Europe, Allura offers eye catching design along with exceptional performance and sustainability credentials.
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Allura Luxury Vinyl Wood Planks For Office Spaces