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Forbo offer a full portfolio of products suitable for use in general circulation areas within healthcare establishments. From reception areas and corridors which are subject to heavy footfall, to canteens and family waiting rooms that require a more relaxed atmosphere we have a range of products to meet your needs.

Hospital Ward Flooring
Sphera Glan Clywd hospital

Sphera Homogeneous Vinyl

Application areas: corridors, patient recovery rooms, offices and breakout areas

Forbo Sphera is setting new standards in homogeneous vinyl flooring. It is produced in our brand new manufacturing plant where all the latest insights and technology have been used to create smart and innovative solutions.

• R10 - P3 Slip rating tested against AS 4586:2013
• Best practice PVC certified
• Low emissions & phthalate free to ensure high indoor air quality
• ISO 14001 certified production
• Achieves highest binder type 1 according to EN ISO 10581
• SMART-top surface finish ensures Sphera has a high resistance to chemicals, scratches, and stains.
Explore our Sphera Ranges

Marmoleum flooring in hospital circulation area

Marmoleum - Linoleum Flooring

Application areas: corridors, breakout areas etc

Marmoleum is Forbo's Brand of linoleum flooring, it is made from natural bio-based raw materials which majority are renewable and now produced CO2 neutral.

• R10 - P2 slip rating, tested against AS 4586:2013
• Topshield2 finish for low-cost cleaning & maintenance
• GreenTag & GECA certified
• Naturally kills MRSA, C-Diff, Noro with natural infection control
• The most sustainable resilient floor with zero PVC
• Extremely durable (has the longest life for resilient flooring)
• Extremely low VOC
• Asthma & Allergy Approved UK certified
• Extensive colour and design
• Available in Acoustic and dissipative options
Explore our Marmoleum ranges

Eternal Wood Decibel Hospital

Eternal General Purpose Vinyl

Application areas: (e.g. Corridors, patient recovery rooms, cafés, offices, breakout areas)

Forbo's Eternal range you'll discover a superb combination of state of the art designs in a strong, durable, fit-for-purpose range whatever your application.

• PUR Pearl low-cost cleaning
• Pure PVC wear layer (no filler)
• R10 - P3 tested against AS 4586:2013
• Group T highest abrasion resistance
• 0.05mm indentation resistance
• Excellent chemical resistance
• Wide, authentic design palette
• Suitable for heavy traffic environments
• GreenTag certified
Explore our eternal ranges

Allura Luxury vinyl Tiles in healthcare

Allura Luxury Vinyl Tiles & Planks

Application areas: (e.g. Corridors, patient recovery rooms, cafés, offices, breakout areas)

Allura is Forbo's brand of Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) and there is no other LVT in the market today that can match Allura in terms of design, technology and sustainability.

• R10 - P3* (*Allura flex tile P2) tested against AS 4586:2013
• Option of 0.7 and 1 mm wear layer for optimum durability
• Allura flex range surpasses BCA/NCC acoustic requirements
• 100% dimensionally stable avoiding gaps between tiles over time
• 30% controlled recycled waste in the backing
• Striking new LVT formats such as Hungarian point planks
• PUR Pearl for low-cost cleaning as well as protecting against stains and scratches
• GreenTag certified
Explore our Allura ranges

Surestep Wood 18372 in hospital patient are

Step Safety Vinyl

Application areas: Wet areas and areas of increased slip
(e.g. kitchens, en-suites, ramps, labs, restrooms, entry foyers)

Forbo’s Step safety vinyl can be used wherever people work, learn, play or go about their daily business as slip resistance is a key consideration in the creation of safe working, living and public environments.

• Pure PVC wear layer (no filler)
• PUR Pearl low-cost cleaning
• EN13845 Particle-based Sustainable Slip
• R10, R11, R12 - AS/NZS 4586:2013
• Group T abrasion resistance
• Extremely durable
• 0.02mm indentation resistance
• Excellent chemical resistance
Explore our step ranges

Grow medical centre - flotex tiles

Flotex Flocked Flooring

Application areas: (e.g. Corridors, patient recovery rooms, offices, breakout areas)

Flotex is a floor covering that looks and feels like a carpet without any of the drawbacks of a textile floor covering. It has a smooth, velour-like surface that is comfortable to walk on and warm underfoot, with excellent slip resistant and acoustic properties.

• R12-P5 tested against AS 4586
• Allergy UK approved & has a positive impact on lives of allergy sufferers
• 19 dB cushioned backing
• Straight nylon 6.6 fibre (flock) captures fine dust and allergens
• Releases 30% more dirt than conventional carpet
• 100% waterproof
• Up to 70 million fibres per m2 making it extremely durable
explore our flotex ranges

Coral Classic entrance flooring

Coral Entrance Flooring

Application areas: entrance area

Coral is the first step in protecting your building, and prolong the life of your floor, reduce cleaning costs and the risk of slipping.

• R12-P5 tested against AS 4586
• Coral can stop up to 95% of walked in dirt & moisture
• Reduce cleaning time of up to 65%*
• Coral pays itself within 6 months
• Coral can withstand intense cleaning regimes
[^*Cleaning Research International study]

explore our coral ranges

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