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Make it personal!

Thanks to the exceptional flexibility of our state-of-the-art digital printing technology, Forbo can offer the option to create bespoke designs for vinyl and textile floor coverings, suitable for educational environments.

There are virtually no limits to what can be achieved in terms of aesthetic design, colour and intricate detailing.

Forbo Logo mit Aquajet
Digital Print Vinyl Map Clapham School

Bespoke digital printed vinyl

Bespoke Digital Print is a revolutionary printed vinyl flooring that presents a dramatic and bespoke opportunity to create one off flooring designs that are focal points for interiors.

Choose from thousands of images that are licenced and ready to be reproduced or design your own floor. Whatever the type, size, scale or complexity of design, our Digital Print delivers pin sharp and vivid images as a result of 6 colour, 600dpi (high resolution) digital printing.

Flotex Vision

Flotex Vision will offer an infinite number of design options ranging from abstracts with an intricate colour spectrum to realistic images of natural materials such as grass, sand and water. Nature can be brought indoors by creating a pebble beach or a field of clover and 3D effects or “trompe l‘oeil” designs can also be produced allowing stunning effects on the floor.
Visit our Flotex vision website and see the designs

Flotex für Kindergärten
The Eden Project Aquajet Design

Marmoleum Aquajet

Aquajet water cutting technology enables reproduction of the most intricate designs and allows for endless creativity. You can create your own flooring with use of standard models or your own design. Whether it is a thematic floor, a work of art, a company logo, the possibilities are limitless. You can choose your own colours from the Marmoleum range for each standard Aquajet modelSee Aquajet options

Coral Logo

• Excellent visual quality and bright colouring
• Perfect for complicated designs featuring multiple colours
• Choose from any of the standard colours shown below
• Pantone and RAL colours can be matched
• Stays flat on the floor, causing less trips, due to heavy vinyl backing

The printed logo mat is available in 7 standard mat sizes (sizes with edges): 55x90, 105x155, 105x300, 155x205, 155x300, 205x205 & 205x300 (cm), and also in special sizes up to 200 cm wide and 600 cm long (sizes without edges).

For more information on how to order the Coral Logo mats please contact your Customer Service department.

Click to go to Coral logo

Coral logo insert mat