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Total solutions office flooring

When it comes to flooring in commercial buildings, there is often more than just the general office space to consider. Whether you are looking to refurbish communal areas such as entrances or toilets, or are in need of something unique to give an area the "wow" factor, Forbo offer total flooring solutions from one supplier.

IT Alliance - commercial office flooring
Coral Classic entrance flooring

Entrance flooring

Installing just six metres of Coral textile matting reduces dirt tracked into your building by up to 95%. This can reduce ongoing cleaning and maintenance costs by up to 65%. Coral is also available in 50 x 50cm tiles, which allows easier fitting and can produce less waste.

Visit our Coral pages

Tessera, Westbond & Flotex carpet tiles

Tessera offers attractive and hardwearing tufted carpet tiles in various pile constructions and textures, designed to deliver specific
aesthetic and performance benefits.

The Westbond collection is made with fusion bonding techniques. Each tuft is individual and a high proportion of the yarn is in the wear surface providing a beautiful, rich, velour carpet tile which gives an excellent broadloom appearance.

Our Flotex colour collection and most of the ranges of the linear collection are also available as tiles.
View our Flotex Textile Flooring collection

Flotex planks Box cross 133002_133007_133011 meeting room
Allura Flex 1506 taupe sand + 9017 fox orange luxury vinyl tile

Allura Flex luxury vinyl tiles

Allura flex is a collection of high quality, dimensionally stable, heterogeneous vinyl tiles and planks which are adhered with tackifier rather than permanent adhesive. Available in 36 designs ranging from natural stones and woods to interesting metallic and textured effects, the collection offers something for all commercial floors.

Ideal for use alongside carpet tiles, Allura flex has a gauge of 5mm with a 1mm transparent wear layer and proven PUR Pearl® finish. Click to go to Allura Flex

Sphera Energetic 50213-51215 homogeneous vinyl
Bulletin Board - pinbaord material

Bulletin Baord

Bulletin Board is highly suitable for use in office buildings; on the walls in offices and conferences rooms, corridors, photocopying areas and so on. Bulletin Board can also be used on wall dividers that double up as information carriers.

view our bulletin board collection

Furniture Linoleum

Furniture Linoleum is a unique surfacing material for furniture designs such as desks, stools, cabinets, doors and displays. It is renowned for its elegance and durability and being made of natural ingredients, a sustainable surface choice.
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Furniture Linoleum 4184 desk detail