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When it comes to care homes, it's not just the residents' feet you have to think about. Round the clock staff shifts and the constant flow of visitors mean entrance areas can take quite a pounding, and wet and dirty soiling can be trailed into the reception area and beyond. Not only can this damage interior floor coverings, it also creates unnecessary health and safety hazards.

Our Coral and Step ranges can help keep cleaning and maintenance costs down while reducing the risk of slips and trips.

Aged care flooring
Entrance flooring system - Aged care

Coral Entrance Flooring

Coral is the first step in protecting your building, and prolong the life of your floor, reduce cleaning costs and the risk of slipping.

• R12-P5 tested against AS 4586
• Coral can stop up to 95% of walked in dirt & moisture
• Reduce cleaning time of up to 65%*
• Coral pays itself within 6 months
• Coral can withstand intense cleaning regimes
[^*Cleaning Research International study]
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Step safety vinyl flooring 18023 18048

Step safety vinyl flooring

Safety. Design. Confidence.
Step safety flooring can be used in the entrance hallways to further reduce the risk of slip hazards. Our Surestep collection offers safety flooring in wood and stone effects to ensure a homely and welcoming impression is made at the entrance of your building.

• Pure PVC wear layer (no filler)
• PUR Pearl low-cost cleaning
• EN13845 Particle-based Sustainable Slip
• R10, R11, R12 - AS/NZS 4586:2013
• Group T abrasion resistance
• Extremely durable
• 0.02mm indentation resistance
• Excellent chemical resistance
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