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Our Digitally Printed Step range takes safety flooring into a new design dimension. Still featuring all the product performance benefits of our standard Surestep ranges, Surestep Digital Print allows you to create custom safety flooring. Choose from our two stocked Ice Cream or Moon designs or create your own design.


SurestepDigital Print

    Slip ratings explained

    Slip ratings for flooring explained

    AS 4586-2013 slip resistance classification of pedestrian surface materials
    This Australian slip standard outlines the main test methods based on global best practices for classifying and assessing the frictional properties of floor surfaces under different conditions. It includes the following slip resistance test methods:

    Wet pendulum slip resistance test (P rating) – The preferred test method for on-site testing utilises a pendulum friction tester to determine the slip resistance of the floor.

    Oil/wet inclined ramp slip resistance test (R rating) – Oil simulates contamination other than water often found in for example commercial kitchens.

    Wet barefoot inclined ramp slip resistance test – Used for wet area product testing, for products such as Safestep Aqua, Surestep Star barefoot and Surestep Laguna.

    Step slip rating classifications

    All Suresteps P3*R10
    Safestep R11P4*R11
    Safestep R12P5*R12
    Safestep AquaP3*R10, C
    Surestep Laguna P3*R10, B
    Surestep Star barefoot P3*R10, B

    For further information on slip resistance, view our Forbo Slip resistance flooring guide

    * Pendulum values of Forbo safety vinyl have been achieved in an accredited 3rd party laboratory. Forbo will not be liable or responsible for highly variable and varying in situ results

    Slip Rating Classifications AS 4586 | Step Safety


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