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Project Vinyl

Forbo Adhesive Guide

Installation Products


540 Eurosafe Special

Solvent-free floor covering adhesive with a high initial grab for the installation of PVC floor covering in sheets and tiles, cushion vinyl, PVC backed carpet, rubber floor covering in sheets and tiles with a smooth back and polyolefin floor covering. Solvent-free, non-flammable, easy and safe to apply, high initial adhesion strength and final bond strength, favourable spreading capacity, roller-castor-chair resistant.

Suitable for:
● Eternal
● Eternal de luxe
● Step safety
● Sphera homogeneous
● Allura 0.7 LVT
● Allura flex LVT

Article reference: 540
SAP nr: 29403
Package: 10 l. (13 kg)
Spreading capacity: 0-350 g/m², depending on the back of the floor covering

540 Eurosafe special safety data sheet
540 Eurosafe Speical tecnical specification

Forbo 540 Forbo Fix vinyl adhesive

641 Eurostar Special EL

Very low VOC-emission conductive adhesive with a high initial grab for the installation of conductive carpet, conductive PVC floor covering in sheets and tiles and conductive rubber floor covering in sheets and tiles with a smooth back. Very low VOC-emission, emicode EC1, solvent-free, non-flammable, easy and safe to apply, multi-purpose application, high initial adhesion strength, favourable spreading capacity, roller-castor-chair resistant, electrical resistance < 3*105 Ohm (EN 13 415).

Article reference:641
SAP nr:53652
Package:10 l. (12 kg)
Spreading capacity: TKB S1: 260-300 g/m²

B2: 300-400 g/m²

641 Eurostar Special safety data sheet


Subfloor levelling

Forbo QuickFit Panels

The Forbo Quickfit system comprises self-adhering MDF panels and damp-proof sound insulating Forbo foam. Forbo Quickfit offers: A rapid, smooth finish. Quick and easy installation. No visible subfloor seams. Excellent moisture barrier. Easily removable. Improved impact sound insulation in combination with Forbo Foam (Δ Lw= 23 dB according to NEN-EN-ISO 140-8 and 717-2).

SAP nr:60696
Spreading capacity:3.6 m² per pack, 36 m² per pallet

Forbo QuickFit | Brochure


Forbo Foam

Polypropylene foam laminated with metallised polypropylene foil. The foil top layer incorporates a self-adhesive overlap of 20 cm for secure seams.

SAP nr:64799
Package:Roll of 25 linear metres PE foam, 100 cm wide, 4.5 mm thick.


Seal & Primers

041 Europrimer EL

Primer for reducing the need of using copper strip when installing a conductive floor. Solvent-free, non-flammable, favourable spreading capacity, electrical resistance < 105 Ohm, measured in accordance with DIN 53 276.

Article reference:041
SAP nr:37123
Package:10 l. (10.1 kg)
Spreading capacity:6-8 m²/litre

041 Primer EL | MSDS


Welding Rods


After installation, Forbo's vinyl floorings can be hot-welded for functional, decorative or hygienic reasons. Vinylweld is available in plain colours that perfectly suit the vinyl flooring collections.

SAP nr: 50621
Package: 15 x 42 ml
Colours: all Step and Eternal



Liquid transparent vinyl weld

SAP nr: 82480
Package: 42 ml


Skirtings & Profiles

Skirtings & Profiles

Skirtings provide both a functional and attractive junction between the floor and the wall. A variety of colours and materials allow creations of practical and aesthetical designs.

The profiles collection provides a safe and functional transition between different floor coverings. These profiles are available in an attractive palette of colours, matching the colours of Forbo's flooring collections.


PR Vinyl coving strip

An extruded cove former with a 25 mm internal radius for use with vinyl floor finishes.

Article reference: PR
SAP nr: 30942
Package: 1 pce (2.30 m)
Colours: Black


Cleaning & Maintenance


The Forbo project vinyl collections are easy to clean and maintain, thanks to their smooth and highly durable PUR coated surface.

Floorcare Products

818 Monel

Monel, based on natural components, offers a practical protection film and perfect cleaning properties in one product. Monel method: apply Monel film using Monel solution and mop, allow floor to dry.

Article reference: 818
SAP nr: 29643/29641
Package: 10 l

Monel 818 safety data sheet

Flooring cleaner forbo 818 monel

General Advice

Protect newly laid floors
All newly laid floors should be covered and protected from all other trades during the contract with a suitable non-staining protective covering this is part of the AS1884-2012 Installation Standard. Use protective feet on chairs and tables to reduce scratching. Castor wheels should be of soft material suitable for resilient floor coverings (according to EN425)

Use Entrance Systems
As much as 80% of dirt entering a building is brought in by foot traffic. Entrance flooring systems of an appropriate size (ideally more than 6lm) and quality should be used. Forbo Coral or Nuway entrance flooring systems, are independently proven to remove and retain up to 94% of all dirt and moisture entering a building by foot traffic; reducing maintenance costs and maximising appearance retention of adjacent flooring products as well as reducing slip risk. As with any dirt removal system all entrance flooring systems should be regularly cleaned to release the dirt which has been removed.
Forbo Coral | Entrance Flooring System

• Regular cleaning is more beneficial and cost effective than occasional deep cleaning.
• Use recommended cleaning products. High quality cleaning products and equipment ensure efficient maintenance and represent only a small proportion of maintenance costs.
• Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning products.
• Always follow the Health and Safety guidance provided.

Proper use of Floor Care Chemicals
The improper use of cleaning chemicals may cause damage and/or discolouration. Overuse or inadequate rinsing of cleaning chemicals may compromise the performance of the floor.
Abrasive powders or cleansers should not be used.

Youtube Guide

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