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Fly Forbo Winning Entries

We all want better places to work, play and live. To turn our spaces in to places; environments that mean something to all those who experience them. The Fly Forbo competition has been established to recognise outstanding use of Forbo's extensive portfolio and projects which truly create better environments.

Take a look at all of the winning projects from our Fly Forbo competition throughout the years as well as the highly commended projects.

fly forbo australia

Michael L from m3architecture who recently won the fly forbo competition said “ Winning the Fly Forbo award afforded us the rare opportunity to visit one of the few marmoleum factories in the world. This visit brought to the fore the ecological credentials and the beauty of the product in ways that no website or brochure can. In addition to this, the chance to see Amsterdam first hand, and tour its experiments in high density/low rise living with a knowledgeable architect provided professional development at the highest level. The same attention to detail Forbo applies to its product design, manufacture and supply chain was matched for us by its organisation and hospitality. “

QLD Uni - Marmoleum fly forbo winner

UQ School Of Architecture

Winning Entry 2017/2018

The design balances the brutalist building, designed in 1974 by Nutter Stevenson and Partners, with bold colours and graphics that are reminiscent of the supergraphics of the 1970s, while breathing contemporaneity and new life into the space.

Click here to see the project profile

The Melbourne School of Design

Winning Entry 2015/2016

Melbourne School of Design Faculty of Architecture and Planning - Six Star Green Star, maximum points for Innovation utilising authentic natural original materials including Marmoleum, Bulletin Board, and Furniture linoleum.

Click here to see the Project Profile

melbourne school of design
Aveling training centre - marmoleum

Aveling Training Centre

Winning Entry 2013/2014

Project summary – Meyer Shircore
The overall aesthetic of the interior embodies the corporate identity of Aveling's marketing scheme as seen with various elements of their logo used throughout. There is an intentional cohesion between the building's external and internal elements. The design language of both linear and diagonal elements, the monochromatic colour palette and the Aveling corporate identity are all intertwined and act harmoniously with the surrounding environment.

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