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Step Safety Vinyl FAQ's

Listed below are the most frequently asked questions about our step safety vinyl collection.
For technical, environmental and test reports : Step download section
For installation, cleaning & maintenance : Step installation & cleaning section

I am specifying a safety floor but not sure which range is suitable ?

It all depends on the specific area and what contamination may be present. Safety Floors have an extra level of grip or traction that will stop people in shoes or barefoot from slipping.

There is a Australian Standard AS 4586:2013 that outlines the requirements.

or you can also download our handy complete guide to safety flooring.
Forbo Flooring Systems - Slip Safety Guide

What does 'R' and 'P' value means when assessing slip ratings?

"R" value linked to AS 4586 : 2013 slip standard Appendix D (Oil-Wet Inclining platform test)
Floors are often evaluated for slip resistance by using the "R" scale. In simple terms, the angle of a ramp covered with the floor covering and lubricated with oil is increased until the person walking down it slips.

The sale starts at R9 (the lowest slip resistance class) and runs to R13 (the highest slip resistance class). Forbo step products offer classifications from R10 to R12.

"P" value linked to AS 4586 : 2013 Appendix A (Wet pendulum test)
The preferred test method which is used to assess the slip resistance of a floor surface. Floors can be tested with different rubber sliders to assess either footwear or barefoot use.
The scale starts at from P0 (the lowest slip rating) to P5 (the highest)

Where do I find your slip test reports from ?

What is the difference between Eternal P3 and Safety Flooring P3 slip rating as these are similar in design?

Safety flooring has a sustainable P3 rating whereas the Eternal can be compromised by contamination or poor maintenance & care.

Are all of Forbo's Step safety vinyl products waterproof?

Yes! Forbo's complete step collection is 100% waterproof.

Note: Always make sure the floor is welded correctly to ensure no water gets underneath the flooring.

Does Forbo step products comply with BCA C1.10?

Yes, Step achieves a CRF >8kW/m2 & <750% smoke development. Step can also be used vertically on walls in certain areas. Contact us for further information.

FORBO AS9239-1 Step Safety Fire Report Floors
Forbo Onyx+ Fire Test AS5637.1-2015
FORBO Surestep Fire Report WALLS AS 5637.1-2015 (Group 3)
Solidstep fire report
Surestep Decibel - Fire Report
Surestep decibel fire report

Which products do you recommend for constant wet areas?

wetroom flooring

Can I use a strand type mop to clean Safestep flooring?

Surestep, Safestep R11, Safestep R12, Aqua, Laguna vinyl floor coverings offer enhanced and compliant slip resistance due to their surface structure and particles that are embedded throughout the product. Because of the high friction properties of these floor coverings, normal dry and damp mopping methods are not suitable and correct equipment should be used.

Material strands type mop are not suitable and will shed. Forbo recommends using monofilament or polyester mops.