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These are the frequently asked questions about the technical aspects of floor coverings and fittings.

How do I request samples?

For A4 samples: Items can be added to your shopping basket as you browse our website by clicking on the shopping basket icon below on each product image.

You can also request our sample books and brochures simply by adding a note while checking out on your sample order online.

or you can also email our sampling department with your request:

Request Samples

Where can I view and purchase forbo products?

You can view our products via ordering physical samples from us or visit your local flooring contractor.
To find your nearest retailer please email us:

Can I get pricing & quotes directly ?

As we are only a manufacturing company, you'll need to contact your local flooring retailer or Forbo representative

To find your local contractor please email us here: or call us on 1800 224 471 and we will make contact with you shortly.

Is it possible to improve the impact sound reduction above that of your product specification sheet?

Acoustic underlays such as Corkment and Vinylbase acoustic are available to increase the impact sound reduction performance of our standard linoleum and vinyl floor coverings.

If a single stick product with enhanced acoustic performance is required
• Marmoleum decibel (17dB)
• Marmoleum Acoustic (14 dB)
• Sarlon Acoustic Vinyl
Forbo Acoustic Flooring Range

Forbo Acoustic Underlay: Impact sound reduction by 18dB.
Sarlibase acoustic | Product Factsheet

Subfloor moisture levels in concrete - when am I ok to install my Forbo Flooring

In new constructions, the subfloor must have reached the required level of dryness before the floor covering installation can proceed. The moisture content of the subfloor must be tested with a hygrometer. The relative humidity (RH) should be below 75% RH. If the reading is above this level, the floor will be considered unsuitable for a resilient floor covering so other appropriate measures will need to be considered e.g. the application of a surface damp proof membrane (DPM).

In older constructions, the floor slab must have an effective structural damp proof membrane. If it does not or if there is any doubt a surface damp proof membrane should be applied.

Always make sure subfloor is prepared against AS 1884:2012 standard otherwise warranty will be voided

What adhesive can i use for Forbo products?

Download our Forbo Adhesive guide :
Forbo Adhesive Guide

For any technical specification & Master Safety data sheets on our adhesive products please visit our consumer product download page :
Consumer Products | Download page

Does Forbo have any underlay system?

Yes! Below is the different type of underlays Forbo have :

Forbo Quickfit : is an instant, loose lay, subfloor system with a self-adhering Forbo foam underlay – it is ideal for linoleum and vinyl floorcoverings in both commercial and residential projects
Forbo Quickfit Brochure

Sarlibase T.E : Is a flexible subfloor sheet material designed to cope with moist surfaces under Forbo floor coverings.
Sarlibase T.E - Technical Specification

Sarlibase Acoustic : Forbo Vinyl base acoustic is a supply underlay that provides additional acoustic performance for compact vinyl and linoleum products. Impact sound reduction by 18dB.
Sarlibase acoustic | Product Factsheet

Am I able to see what Forbo Floors look like in a room scene ?

For commercial projects: Our online floor planner allows you to select a room scene from different segments and the Forbo flooring of your choice, you can even change the wall colour!
Forbo Online Room Planner

Different ways you can save your room scene image:
• Right-click then save image as...
• Save as a PDF file
• Output as a CAD file

For residential projects: Our Room planner choose from different Room gallery from the living room, Dining room, and Kitchen plus much more!
Forbo Consumer Room Planner

floorplanner Marmoleum Striato

What is LRV and what does it stand for?

Light Reflectance Values (LRVs) explained

Light Reflectance Value, or LRV, is a measurement most commonly used by design professionals like architectural colour consultants, architects, Environmental Graphic Designers and interior designers, which expresses the percentage of light that is reflected from a surface.

LRVs are marked on a scale from 1 to 100 depending on the percentage of light reflected. Dark, matte and/or textured surfaces absorb a large amount of light and, therefore, have low reflectance values. On the other hand, light, glossy and/or smooth surfaces reflect majority of light that falls on them and have a high reflectance value.

so, for example, a colour with LRV of 60 (which means it reflects 60% of the light that falls on it).

What is a resilient flooring?

About resilient flooring

Resilient flooring is a floor covering that has the ability to spring back and be flexible and the ability to recover from temporary stress means a high degree of resilience.

This includes products such as linoleum, PVC, rubber, cork in roll or tile/LVT form

linoleum resilient floor covering

How do I know if Forbo's product complies with BCA C1.10 fire standard?

BCA C1.10 fire standard
BCA requires a critical radiant flux (CRF/CHF) >4.5kw/m2 and a smoke development of less than 750% per minute. You can find these values in our ISO 9239.1 fire test report which is available to download from our
technical & warranty page

All of Forbo's flooring product complies with this standard

Why is phthalate free PVC vinyl flooring important?

Phthalate primarily used to make PVC. A growing body of credible scientific evidence has linked high exposure to phthalates to serious threats to human health including asthma, may affect brain development and the immune system. Phthalate can migrate out of flooring materials and get into the air and dust inside buildings hence why it's important to choose phthalate-free products that can contribute to your well-being

Where do I find the critical radiant flux values of your products?

Critical radiant flux / critical heat flux values can be found on our fire test reports.

Depending on what Forbo product you're after you can find all of our fire reports from our technical & warranty page

technical sheets forbo

Is Forbo flooring products low in VOCs?

CHO Health Care

Can I fit your product directly over my existing subfloor?

This will depend on the subfloor type and its condition. Advice on suitable subfloors and how they should be prepared can be found in AS1884:2012 for resilient floor covering and/or Forbo Flooring installation guidance.

Is there a way to see ALL of Forbo's Flooring collection on one webpage?

Product selector