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Allura Luxury Vinyl Tiles - FAQ's

Listed below are the most frequently asked questions about our Allura luxury vinyl tile flooring collection.

For technical, environmental and test reports visit our download section
For installation, cleaning & maintenance : Allura installation & cleaning section

What is Luxury Vinyl Tiles?

Also abbreviated as LVT

Luxury vinyl tile flooring is created to meet the demands of visually appealing popular timber and stone visuals that is hard-wearing and soft on the underfoot to withstand heavy commercial use.

Explore our Allura LVT collections, which offer the aesthetics of natural wood or stone floors and the advantages of strong and comfortable vinyl. This means warm underfoot, sound absorbing, durable, easy & quick installation and easy to maintain.

• Allura Flex - fully adhered for acoustic performance. Our Allura flex FL1 achieved an acoustic value of L'nT,w 44 (on 200mm concrete slab + 100mm ceiling) therefore makes this the ideal elegant flooring solution for multi-res buildings.

• Allura Puzzle - puzzle connected loose lay, offers beautiful wood and stone designs that can be installed without the use of adhesive up to 500m2, saving you time and money!

Curious how luxury vinyl tiles are made? Watch our video how we make Allura LVT

What underlays can be used under Allura Flex?

Allura Flex is designed to be installed on most substrates with hard set adhesive. Allura Flex should not be laid on loose lay or adhered acoustic underlays. Allura Puzzle can be used in loose lay circumstances.

For further information download our installation guide :
Allura Flex | Installation Guide

Can I wear high heels on allura?

In this video, we focus on the scratch resistance by proofing no damage after a real stiletto run on this floor.

What cleaning detergent do you recommend to use on Allura products?

Forbo recommends using Monel which is specially designed for Forbo's Marmoleum and Vinyl flooring.

With regular use of Monel, the original appearance of the floor is retained. Dry dust wiping is a fast and easy way to keep your floor free from loose dirt.

Monel can be purchased from your local retailer.
email us to find your local retailer

monel PH neutral cleaner

Do I need adhesive for your Allura flex?

Hard set Adhesive