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Local contribution

Contributing to Australia

2021 marks 60 years of Forbo Flooring Systems in Australia.


60th Anniversary

2021 marks 60 years of Forbo in Australia!

Employing Australians Since 1961

Forbo Flooring Systems Australia have supplied Australian commercial projects and Australian homes with flooring and building products since 1961. Forbo Australia has a long history of product supply and supporting local employment and families across the country and throughout regional areas. Whether it be from our head office location in Sydney or through our wide network of local distributors and agents.

Additionally, Forbo flooring projects and specifications create work across an extensive network of independent retailers and subcontractors nationally. Indirectly Forbo contribute to the employment of freight and transport employees throughout Australia and New Zealand.

60 years in Australia

Early Days

Forbo Flooring the company was incorporated in Australia on 28 November 1961.

The original Australian office and operation was based in Wayville South Australia and was known as Krommenie floors (AUST) Pty Ltd.

Effective from the 1st of January 1987 the name of the company became Forbo Australia. The new office was moved to Silverwater NSW to service the population growth and freight routes.

Forbo expanded again and moved to Ferndell St South Granville in December 1993. Along with a central head office Forbo had a sales office in every state and a national team of over 70 staff. This was the good old days before mobile phones and email.
The company supplied Australian commercial and residential projects a mix of designer floorcoverings and also wall coverings from the UK and Germany.
In 2003 due to the need for more space Forbo moved to its current location in Wetherill Park Sydney where the site was shared with our sister company Seigling (now Forbo Movement Systems). Forbo remain at Wetherill Park although Movement systems moved across the road.

1953 Linoleum Krommenie, Photo Jan Versnel

Sustainable products and action have been core to our local history and operation, evolving alongside key organisations like GECA and the GBCA from the very beginning

Linoleum raw materials Blackboard

Unique Products Not Manufactured In Australia

Buy local is always preferable especially natural products and produce that grows. However, as we are an island some unique products and design options are simply not available from local manufacturing.

For example, plastic-free, natural carbon-neutral (without off setting) *Marmoleum Flooring has NO alternative in Australia and is a production process requiring special craftsmanship that is not easily copied and only found in historic European locations.

Additionally, design-based heterogeneous PVC flooring offering timber, stone and bespoke digital look floors are NOT made in Australia and don't have a local alternative. This includes the ever-popular Luxury Vinyl Planks or LVT. All are imported and offer variety to design interiors.

[*cradle to gate]

Forbo Flooring Systems believe in product transparency and providing clear data around a product’s raw material origins, manufacture and end of life.

Raw Material Transparency & EPD's

Third-party environmental product declarations (EPD’s) are the benchmark for global transparency. When selecting local and imported flooring products always consider the raw material origins and processing as often they can be one and the same.

For example, ALL PVC and plastic raw materials are imported into Australia, and significant product processing has already occurred outside of Australia before being included in products locally. Food ingredients have to stipulate these origins and EPD's are the equivalent for building products.

Always read the label.

EPD transparancy

All our EPDs are independently assessed by a third party
More information about third party UL

Forbo connect training

Connect -Installer Training

Forbo Australia directly invests in linoleum installation training in Australia. Natural linoleum/Marmoleum is a unique flooring category and requires installers who are familiar with the product characteristics.

Forbo through its Connect training program, work with flooring installers to improve and future proof their skills. As we move towards a carbon-neutral future, both linoleum and installation contractors will be essential.

We already recognise younger generations want to be part of climate-friendly solutions and this is just one way they can make a difference.

More information

Local Recognition And ECO Labels

Forbo products are recognised in Green Building Council of Australia Projects and many by accredited 3rd Party ecolabel organisations including GECA and Greentag.

Forbo products comply and often go beyond local requirements. A good example is our production and supply chains are SA8000 certified. Visit our Certified products page .

SA 8000 logo

Social Responsibility

The SA8000 standard is our commitment to ensure fair treatment of employees.

SA8000 is globally recognised as one of the most stringent human rights and labour norm compliance standards. Not just a statement, rather a third party audited process.

These assessments ensure that our suppliers duly comply with human and labor rights, occupational health and safety requirements, environmental performance targets and responsible business practices in their day-to-day activities.

More information

Involvement & Stewardship

Involvement & Stewardship

Forbo Flooring Systems have been at the forefront of sustainable business for more than three decades. We were the first to to undertake 3rd party product lifecycle assessment in the 1990's, which, has now led to Environmental Product Declarations (EPD). This remains our transparent way of calculating the environmental impact of our raw materials and processes, across our product life cycles. Additionally we partner with local Australian companies like Carbon Positive Australia and Grasshopper Environmental to take action against global climate change.

Tree planting program with the carbon neutral charitable fund

Taking Local Climate Action

CO2 Neutral product and Capturing Carbon in Australia

In addition to creating jobs, Forbo Australia invests in value-adding programs within the Australian community. Our planting native trees through Marmoleum program helps restore degraded land and restore Australia’s natural biodiversity.

Our ongoing partnership with Carbon Positive Australia (formerly CNCF) is an example of taking real action against local and global climate change by firstly, supplying a carbon neutral product and secondly, by contributing to planting native trees and shrubs with every m2 installed. Not just any trees, but trees and shrubs endemic to the area.

Click here for more information

The Circular Economy Model is a Must-do

Biobased solutions create a better future for our planet. But if biobased is not an option, circularity offers the second-best alternative - as long as the impact on the life cycle is measurably better. At Forbo, we are committed to transforming all of our linear processes and products to support the circular economy.

The main points of attention in our transition are:
• promoting the use of renewable resources
• maximizing product use
• recovering materials and waste

Waste Free Circular Economy

Forbo Flooring Systems believe in and are transitioning to a circular model of business. For our natural products like Marmoleum and Bulletin board, we already have a number of options available for end of life processing.

PVC products are more challenging and we are working with other PVC suppliers and PVC industry organisations to find acceptable recycling options.

To find out more visit our product stewardship page Take Back Programs .

Circular economy

Circular Economy Model

Source: PBL Environmental Assessment Agency