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Forbo News overview

Download press releases about the latest news items of Forbo Flooring Systems.

June 2018 : Flotex by Starck

Forbo Flooring Systems and visionary creator Philippe Starck are proud to announce their highly innovative cooperation in creating a new collection of floor covering systems: FLOTEX BY STARCK.

As Starck says “nothing replaces the painters hand” but with Forbo’s unique digital printing technique and thanks to the highly technological qualities of Flotex flooring, the creator’s vision can now be transferred to the floor.

Official launch date: September 1st, 2018

Press Release Forbo Flooring Systems introduces Flotex by Starck

Flotex flocked flooring by Philippe Starck

Iconic award for Flotex planks

Iconic award for Flotex planks

Extraordinary performance and modern design convinces the jury
The Forbo Flooring Systems’ Flotex planks collection has been awarded the “Iconic Award” by the German “Rat für Formgebung” (Design Council) in Frankfurt. The annual awards from the German Design Council cover both innovative building projects and architectural concepts as well as building products and interior finishes. Quality, aesthetics, construction and eye for detail are amongst the criteria against which the entries are judged. Flotex was awarded high scores in all categories.

With over 70 million nylon 6.6. fibres per square metre, which result in a indestructible hygienic textile floor covering, the product was considered both modern and innovative. The six designs from the collection were valued for their design quality as well as the quality of the high definition digital printing technique with which the product is created. The above according to the jury justifies the “Iconic Award” 2017 for Flotex planks.

The award ceremony will take place in the BMW-world showroom in Munich, Germany on October 4, 2017.

Iconic architecture website

January 2017 - iF DESIGN AWARD for Marmoleum Cocoa

Marmoleum Cocoa receives iF DESIGN AWARD 2017

The new Marmoleum Cocoa collection, a cocoa husk enhanced linoleum design, has been awarded with the iF DESIGN AWARD 2017. The collection is part of the new Marmoleum Solid range which is at the heart of Forbo’s contemporary linoleum designs featuring amongst others new concrete, uni and semi-plain designs will be introduced in April.

Using cocoa husks as part of the Marmoleum Cocoa collection not only improves the sustainable profile of Forbo’s linoleum by adding a fifth natural ingredient, it also results in a new tactility and a design where the subtle organic scattering and fine coloration create a new and innovative design feature for the linoleum product category.
Press Release iF Design Award
Press Release Marmoleum Solid 2017

Introduction April 2017

Manufacturing Chocolate in the Netherlands originates from the 17th century and is located in the same region where Forbo Flooring Systems is manufacturing linoleum for well over one hundred years. The upcycling of the Cocoa industries’ waste stream is a fine example of Forbo’s continuous effort to innovate linoleum as the original and most sustainable resilient floor covering to date.

Marmoleum cocoa is available in a small collection of 5 earthly tones that are presented under the seducing names of white, milk and dark chocolate, earl grey chocolate and a mystery chocolate blue(s). The Marmoleum Solid collection of which the new Cocoa range is a part, is made up out of a new Walton series, a colourful piano design, original and coloured concrete designs and a an embossed slate variety, which is another innovative new design that will feature in Forbo’s new linoleum offer to be introduced in April.

Allura Luxury Vinyl Tiles new collection

New collection Allura Luxury Vinyl Tiles

Imagine wood that does not splinter, crack, shrink or discolour under sunlight. Imagine stone that does not break, remains smooth and warm underfoot. Or what about metal that does not rust and is easy to cut, or even glass, that is comfortable to walk on. Welcome to the world of luxury vinyl tiles, or LVT, or Design Vinyl as it is now most often called.

Truly Forbo
The new Forbo Allura LVT collection is a vibrant versatile range of floor covering options that take the world of Luxury Vinyl Tiles to the next level of sophistication and performance. Allura is a cutting-edge collection of wood, stone and abstract designs, developed in-house by the Forbo Flooring international design team. The Allura designs are not lifted from a printer’s data bank but are unique, and represent years of floor covering design experience.

Allura Click cc60664

Leed Gold certificate for Forbo warehouse

Leed Gold certificate for Forbo warehouse

Forbo Flooring Systems is the first company to receive a LEED Gold Certificate for a warehouse in the Netherlands. The Forbo LEED certified warehouse has also been nominated for LEED project of the year and the company has been nominated for the Leadership Award for Manufacturers.

Press MXD

October 2016 - Sphera Homogeneous vinyl

Sphera Homogeneous vinyl

In the summer of 2016 Forbo Flooring Systems inaugurated its greenfield operation location for homogeneous vinyl in Coevorden, The Netherlands. Although Forbo already for years has carried homogeneous vinyl as part of its portfolio, the new production set-up delivers a wealth of new opportunities. For creating Sphera, the new homogeneous product offering, Flooring Systems has used the latest insights and state of the art technology to create three individual collections that demonstrate superior characteristics in performance as well as by its sustainable profile.

Sphera Element 50049 yellow green

Forbo's new Flotex Planks: A choice not a compromise

Flotex Planks

As modular formats continue to increase in popularity, Forbo Flooring Systems has developed a new Flotex Plank collection, allowing users to create stunning, contemporary floor designs for areas where safety, hygiene and well-being are priorities.

Combining the comfort of carpet, the durability of a resilient floor covering and the design versatility of a plank format, the new design collection lends itself perfectly to contemporary workspaces, as well as high traffic areas such as hotels and transport hubs.

Offering six new designs: Triad, Box-cross, Lava, Seagrass, Concrete and Wood, in plank sizes of 100x25cm, the collection provides endless design possibilities, from colourful and complex layouts to minimal, sophisticated aesthetics, which use shape and pile direction to create a stimulating floor pattern.
View the new Flotex Planks collection

Flotex planks Box cross 133002_133007_133011 horizon