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Watertight Tiling System

1. Sub floor preparation/sealing
The sub floor has to be dry and free from dirt, dust and grease which is an important condition in order to get an optimal adhesion of the adhesives and sealing paste. Apply 099 Dispersion Primer on gypsum-based, very absorbent en somewhat sandy sub floors. Grease the wall/floor connection and vertical shower corner(s) with 685 Eurocoat . Thereafter apply 063 Eurotape onto the wet 685 Eurocoat. Subsequently 685 Eurocoat has to be applied on the entire surface of the 063 Eurotape. Total drying time approx. 12 hours.


2. Subfloor preparation/sealing
Apply 685 Eurocoat for waterproofing cracks around water pipes and drain outlets etc. At water-splashed areas (1.10 m from the shower corner) seal the entire gypsum fibre sheets with 685 Eurocoat.


3. Fixing wall tiling
Fix wall tiles with a permanent elastic and moisture resistant dispersion-based tile adhesive (see overview). The choice depends on the wall construction, type of tile and required guaranteed period of time. Do not place the tiles tight in the corner against the wall, floor and/or ceiling connection. Drying time approx. 24 hours.


4a. Fixing floor tiles
Fix floor tiles with 705 Special Adhesive . First apply an impervious layer of adhesive on the floor with a flat trowel and go with a notched spreader. Prevent that the spreader comes in contact with the sub floor.

WDT 4a

4b. Fixing Floor tiles in mortar
When fixing tiles in the mortar add per 50 kg of cement 3 kg of 055 Additive to the mixing water. For a good water transport the sub floor must be applied under a sufficient slope of 1 cm/m¹.

WDT 4b

5. Grouting
For grouting wall and floor tiles use the fast drying, watertight and flexible cement based 706 Special Grout WT or 717 Eurofine WT When tiles are fixed a drying time of at least 24 hours is required. Keep internal and external movements joints free of grouting material for the elastic sealant.


6. Sealing
The internal and external movements joints as well as the seams between drain outlet and tiling and besides the area around water pipes must be sealed with a permanent elastic and mould preventing joint sealant. Of course these joints must be clean, dry and free of grouting material.


Not only the quality of the system is determinative for a successful finishing of tile work in the bathroom. An adequate construction is also and important element. The Wet Area System is suitable for normal shower use. Extra facilities has to be used In case of more extensive use and for constructions with a high risk. If in doubt about the application ask for technical advice. For further information seek also our technical data sheets and/or our website.