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Universal, fast setting, micro fibre reinforced self-smoothing underlayment

  • 902a-safety data sheet uk.pdf

    902a-safety data sheet uk.pdf

  • specification-uk.pdf


  • 902b-safety data sheet uk.pdf

    902b-safety data sheet uk.pdf

Product Typification

Universal, fast setting, micro fibre reinforced self-smoothing underlayment
Basis : Cement based powder with latex gauging liquid additive.
Colour : Powder – Grey / Latex Gauging Liquid – White

Product advantages:
  • Universal
  • Micro fibre reinforced
  • Use over thin, firmly bonded moisture tolerant old adhesive residues
  • Low odour
  • Fast drying and may accept foot traffic after approximately 90 to 120 minutes
  • Acceptable for installing floor covering in 4 hours
  • Moisture tolerant and can be used under a liquid applied surface DPM
  • HTM 61 Compliant (Protein free)
  • Easily mixed and applied
  • Excellent flow ratios
  • High compressive strength
  • Can be used in conjunction with traditional under floor heating systems
  • Priming is not always required


Classification : CT-C25-F7 Conform NEN-EN 13813:2002 Cementitious screed material for use internally in buildings.
Consumption : Approx. 5 m² per unit @ 3 mm thickness, dependent on porosity of substrate.
Passableness : 90 – 120 minutes @ 20 °C.* based on a 3 mm thick application.


  • 902 Europlan NL can be used to prepare and smooth uneven internal subfloors such as power floated concrete, tamped or pan floated concrete, sand cement screeds, stone, flooring grade asphalt (min. 3mm and max. 6mm), non- flexing steel decks (mezzanine decks), adhesive residues (min.3 mm), surface DPM’s, terrazzo granolithic, porcelain and ceramic tiles and Hansons SP 101 Flooring Grade Plywood as recommended by the CFA.
  • For use in domestic, light commercial and industrial environments as a smoothing underlayment, prior to the application of resilient type floor finishes.
  • For calcium sulphate/anhydrite/hemihydrate screeds; see relevant manufacturer’s technical data sheet. The use of a barrier application/primer is required.
  • Use gypsum based 920 Europlan Alphy or 925 Europlan Alphy Direct for alternative levelling compounds.

Working Process

Storage : Store in cool (+5 °C), dry environment. Do not store in direct sunlight.
Tools : Drill & mixing spindle, trowel or notched spreading comb in combination with a spiked roller. Clean in water immediately after use.
Mixing ratio : Add 20 kg of powder to 4.8 kg of the supplied latex gauging liquid.
Processing time : Use within 15 - 20 minutes after mixing at 20 °C .*
Shelf Life : 6 Months Powder, 12 Months Liquid, in unopened packaging and dry conditions.
Frost-proof : Powder - Yes / Latex component – No, If allowed to freeze Eurocol cannot guarantee product performance.

* The mentioned values have been established in our laboratory and must be considered as guidelines in view of possible variations in climatic circumstances, subfloor compositions and layer thickness.

Approx. 5 m² per unit @ 3 mm thickness, dependent on porosity of substrate.

  • 902 Europlan NL can be applied on to many different types of subfloor; however, preparation of the base prior to be overlaid is of key importance. The surface of the base should be rigid, strong and free from: oil, grease, weak adhesive residues, surface laitance, curing agents, surface hardeners and all contaminates that may impede adhesion to the requirements of BS 8203:2001 +A1:2009 or DIN 18 365. All subfloors should mechanically be prepared and vacuumed .Cementitious bases must be fully cured and firm. The surface of all base substrates should have a surface pull-off strength of >1.5 N/mm². Moisture levels should have a hygrometer reading of 75% RH or less. If the moisture level is higher, a suitable Surface DPM e.g. 026 Euroblock Multi, 021 Euroblock Reno or 022 Euroblock One Coat must be applied first. After applying one of these DPM’s, priming before levelling is not necessary; however 902 Europlan NL should be applied onto the 021 Euroblock Reno or 022 Euroblock One Coat within 12 hours after applying the DPM.
  • 902 Europlan NL can be applied to sound, firmly bonded non-water soluble adhesive residues that have been applied to permanently dry bases; however; should any doubt exist regarding the products ability to be overlaid, best practice denotes that the residue should be completely removed. Remove bitumen adhesive residues completely.
  • Although 902 Europlan NL can be used as a self-priming system, both porous and non-porous substrates are best primed, as this will help to increase inter bond adhesion and reduce the possibility of de-bonding type issues occurring. When deemed a requirement, prime the base with 044 Europrimer Multi.
  • 902 Europlan NL is also suitable for applications onto underfloor heating systems (on screeded, concrete or cement faced backer boards only). Please follow installation protocol of underfloor heating systems concerned or ask for technical advice.
  • 902 Europlan NL is moisture tolerant and may be used as a pre-smoothing layer prior to the application of liquid applied surface damp proof membranes.
  • If in doubt about the application, ask for technical advice. In advance always seek our technical data sheets.

User manual:

Working conditions:

Required surrounding temperature : 18 - 23 °C.*
Temperature subfloor : min. 15° – max. 20 °C.*
Relative humidity : 40 - 70%.*

Directions for use: 

  • Add 20 kg of 902 Europlan NL (Part A) gently 1: 1 to 4.8 kg of 902 Europlan NL Liquid (Part B). Shake the bottle of latex prior to opening.
  • Gradually add the powder whilst continually mixing thoroughly, using an electric drill and mixing spindle (Eurocol no. 855). Once the powder has been completely added, mix for a further 2 minutes keeping the mixing spindle below the surface of the material to minimise air entrapment until a lump free smooth and homogeneous mixture is attained. Do not add extra liquid or water!
  • Apply the mixture within 15 - 20 minutes at 20°C to the base with a trowel or notched spreading comb in combination with a spiked roller whilst still fluid. The mixture can in general be applied in a layer thickness from 2 to 6 mm. Onto non-water soluble adhesive residues a minimum 3 mm layer thickness is recommended. For achieving a thicker layer, add a third volume of aggregate to the mixture and finish with 2mm unfilled 902 Europlan NL underset. A maximum of 12.5kg aggregate per unit of 902 Eurocol NL is recommended.
  • Protect fresh smoothing compound layers against draft and direct sunlight.
  • Minimum advisable working temperature is 5 °C. At a temperature of 20 °C foot trafficking should be possible after 90 - 120 minutes and acceptable for installing floor covering after 4 hours.
  • Protect fresh smoothing compound layers against draft and direct sunlight.
  • For extended information about the safety precautions please refer to the safety data sheet.

Environment and health

MSDS : Product Health and Safety data sheet must be read and understood before use. It is recommended that gloves, a dust mask and eye protection are worn during application.


902Powder20 kg bag
902Latex Gauging Liquid 4.8 kg can