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Sound insulating declutching mat.

  • specification-uk.pdf


Product Typification

Sound insulating declutching mat.
Basis : PU-based mineral mat.

Product advantages:

  • Sound insulating
  • Bridges cracks
  • Dimension stable
  • Very simple application
  • Suitable for underfloor heating systems
  • Low VOC-emission
  • Moisture-resistance 


Size : 70 x 100 cm.
Thickness material : 0,4 cm.
Weight : 5.1 kg/m².
Contact noise insulation : Depending on the construction and application an improvement of Ico with max. 16 dB insulation (according to DIN-EN-ISO 140-8) or 5 dB (according to NEN-EN-ISO 140-8) can be reached.*
Warmth resistance : 0.036 m² K/W.
Warmth conduction : 0.11 W/mK.
Adhesion : Adhesion strength according to DIN 53 292: 0.34 N/mm².
Consumption : 
Flammability : B2.


820 Eurocol DIM Floor is a subfloor system for reducing contact noise. Because of the small system height of less than 4 mm it is an excellent solution for renovation projects. The system has been tested in accordance with DIN-EN-ISO 140-8. 820 Eurocol DIM Floor is also suitable as a declutching mat. Subfloors that are subjected to light splitting (max. 2 mm), due to shrinkage of the subfloor or “expansion of the building”, are declutched of the tile floor. In this way cracks in the tile floor will be provided. Apply in combination with 542 Eurofix Tack Plus (dry areas) or 705 Watertight Tile Adhesive (wet areas).

Working Process

Tools : Stanley-knife.
Application temperature : 

* The mentioned values have been established in our laboratory and must be considered as guidelines in view of possible variations in climatic circumstances, subfloor compositions and layer thickness.



The substrate must be pressure- and tension-resistant, permanently dry, free of cracks and dust, even and free of layers that reduce adhesion.
Adhesion-reducing layers, old material residues must be removed by suitable mechanical measures in accordance with the specifications of DIN 18365/DIN 18356/DIN 18352.

Minor unevenness is bridged by bonding the underlay. 

Larger unevenness must be levelled with Eurocol levelling compounds suitable for the substrate and application.

The installation materials to be used must be suitable for the substrate and the intended use.

  • In advance always seek our technical data sheets. In doubt about the application ask for technical advice. 

User manual:

Working method as a sound insulating mat:

  • Place the mats along the borders of the subfloor, which are provided with 802 Foam Strips. To prevent sound leaks apply the foam strips also against the tiling.
  • Apply 542 Eurofix Tack Plus on the subfloor with a lambswool roller. Apply the mats into the wet 542 Eurofix Tack Plus. 
  • Apply the mats stretching bond to one another (print at the upper side). Cut the mats with a stanley-knife. 
  • To prevent that the tile adhesive will cause a sound leak with the subfloor by the seams or borders, finish the seams and mat/foam strip connection with 685 Eurocoat (drying time approx. 1 hour).
  • Apply the tiles with 705 Watertight Tile Adhesive (wet areas) or 709 Superflex (spreader 6x6 of 8x8 mm). When fixing in wet areas first apply and impervious layer of 705 Watertight Tile Adhesive of approx. 3 mm. After drying fix the tiles. Fix light-coloured tiles such as natural stone with 711 Uniflex or 720 Unicol (both suitable for application in wet and dry areas).
  • Grout tiles after minimum 24 hours with 706 Special Grout WT (wet areas).
  • Cut the foam strips with a knife and finish with a skirting or joint sealant. 
  • Laboratory research has proved that application of 820 Eurocol DIM Floor, including tile completion can improve the impact-sound insulation with ÄLW +16 dB (DIN-EN-ISO 140-8) or ÄLlin+5 dB (NEN-EN-ISO 140-8). Although in practice the height of the improvement depends on the subfloor combination and condition. Therefore Forbo Eurocol gives no guarantee on the final achieved sound reduction.

Working method as a declutching mat: 

  • Application as mentioned above. Apply the mats tight to one another; it is not necessary to finish the seams and borders with 685 Eurocoat. 

Environment and health

Hazard Class : None.
Safety and environment : Safety data sheets of Forbo Eurocol products according to EEG-guideline 91/155.


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