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025 Euroblock Deep

Two-component damp proof coating
- damp proofing up to 4 CM %
- water-free

Two-component, epoxy resin, damp proof coating to block residual moisture of concrete and cement screed up to 4 CM %. For the stabilization of unstable and wrecked screed with very good subfloor penetrating properties.
For the protection of dry, mosture sensitive subfloors such as anhydrite, calcium sulphate and stone wood composites against surface water from levelling compounds or adhesives.
Can be used on underfloor heating systems.
Can be mixed with 846 or 847 Europlan Sand to create spatula applicable epoxy-mortar to repair subfloors, closing cracks and holes.
Can also be used to cover old adhesive on subfloors before applying levelling compound or adhesive. before levelling works, improved bonding by quartz sand blinding of still wet final coat of 025 with 846 Europlan Sand (2 - 2,5 kg/m²).
For indoor use only.

Unit size: 10 kg combi (A + B)
Shipping unit: 45/pallet
Consumption: 300 - 500 g/m²
Potlife: 25 minutes
Application: roller, rubber slider
Hardening time: 16 - 24 hrs.

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    Safety data sheet

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