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969 Europlan Reno Turbo

Self levelling compound and top-floor in concrete look
- ideal under parquet
- usually direct levelling without primer
- layer thickness from 2 to 20 mm

High quality, multi-purpose, cement-based, self levelling compound, curing with very low tension and with excellent final strength for highest traffic use.
For levelling of cement-based subfloors (screed).
Also for levelling of stone floors and ceramic tiles; for application on waterproof adhesive residues according to the data sheet.
Applicable up to 20 mm, mastic asphalt up to 5 mm layer thickness.
On non-absorbent subfloors (e.g. stone floors, ceramic tiles) it can be used without primer (direct levelling). To prepare subfloor for subsequent installation works. Pumpable or applicable with spike roller and notched trowel.
Can also be used to create a cementitious top-floor in contemporary concrete look.
Surface sprinkling with colored acrylic flakes is possible.
Final varnishing with recommended Eurocol floor-protecting lacquer is needed.
For indoor use only.
Very low VOC emission.
EMICODE EC 1 R Plus, GISCODE ZP 1, Blue Angel Label (high standard certified, environmentally friendly product) UZ 113
CE marking according to DIN EN 13813: CT-C35-F10

Unit size: 25 kg
Shipping unit: 42/pallet
Consumption: approx. 1,5 kg/m²/mm
Accessibility: approx. 1 - 2 hrs.
Ready for further works: 3 mm thickness, approx. 24 hrs.

969 Europlan Reno Turbo


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    Technical information

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    Safety data sheet

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    EC 1 R Plus

  • PZ_969-Blauer Engel

    Blue Angel Label