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945 Europlan Solid

Rapidly setting filling compound, fine-grained
- very fine-grained, easy to process
- produces less dust during processing
- special use for finishing

Fine-grained, rapidly setting, highly resilient and fast hardening filling compound. To use for repair and levelling of stairs and platforms, filling of screed cracks and screed holes, holes and deep cracks, moulding of edges and slopes; layer thickness up to 50 mm. Consistency can be adjusted (stable and soft) depending on the addition of water. Can be extended up to. 30 % with 846 Europlan Sand for layers of more than 10 mm thickness.
For indoor use.

Unit Size: 23 kg
Shipping unit: 42/pallett
Consumption: approx. 1,5kg/m²/mm
Processing time: approx. 10 min
Accessibility: approx. 60 min
Ready for laying: after cooling and accessibility

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  • TI_945-Solid_DE_Eurocol.pdf

    Technical information

  • SD_Eurocol_945_EN

    Safety data sheet

  • PZ_EC 1Rplus_945 Solid_de

    EC 1 R Plus

More information

Please call + 49 361 7 30 41 66 for more information on this product.