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Furniture linoleum

Furniture Linoleum is a linoleum surfacing material that can be applied on all sorts of applications like desks, cupboards, walls and counters. The mat surface and it's warm, soft texture make Furniture Linoleum a unique surfacing soloution. It is made from natural ingredients and a very sustainable surface choice. There are 2 ranges: Desk Top with a mat uni look and Walton Crocodiles with a daring embossed crocodile pattern.

  • Furniture linoleum
  • Furniture linoleum
  • Furniture linoleum
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    The DeskTop furniture linoleum collection consists of 20 elegant colours that add a distinctive touch to any piece of furniture. The available colours include contemporary monochromatic tones, several more outspoken colours and a number of darker colours that take their cue from wood tones and leather.

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    Walton Crocodiles

    Walton Crocodiles

    Walton Crocodiles presents 4 mono-chromatic designs embossed with a delicate crocodile pattern that results in appealing light reflections and patterns. The neutral colours take their cue from leather and are often used in horizontal and vertical applications, as well as on curved surfaces.

About Furniture Linoleum

Elegant Furniture Linoleum

Furniture Linoleum is renowned for its elegance and durability and is suitable for countless stunning decorative surfacing applications. The unique aesthetic and tactile properties ensure that every object develops its own character.

The combination of a matt surface and a warm, soft texture guarantees interior furniture with a truly distinctive, genuinely individual look and feel.

Furniture Linoleum is available in 2 distinctive collections: Desktop consisting of 20 matt, uni colours and Walton Crocodiles embossed with a delicate crocodile pattern.

Unique benefits for users
• tactile finish
• natural material
• environmentally friendly choice
• scratch and stain resistance
• matt surface
• fingerprints don’t show
• antistatic
• colours don’t fade

Unique benefits for manufacturers
• flexible
• easy to apply
• suitable for many kinds of substrates
• processes like wood
• coatable
• manual and industrial installation possible

Furniture linoleum

Cleaning & maintenance

Furniture Linoleum

Technical specifications

Techn. specs. Furniture Linoleum

Technical information

Technical information

Furniture Linoleum can be installed easily on all common materials such as MDF, chipboard and plywood. It's finish has a special matt appearance to prevent unpleasant light reflections. In general, Furniture Linoleum does not require additional treatment but an additional coating may be applied if required (e.g., a UV-resistant PU coating), using a spray gun for even application.

As Furniture Linoleum is made from natural raw materials different production runs may show slight colour variations. This is something to bear in mind when repeating an order.

Drying room film
During the last phase of the production process, a yellowish tint – known as drying room yellowing – may form on Furniture Linoleum, especially on lighter shades. This is entirely normal and disappears soon after exposing the product to natural light.

Handling & Transport
Furniture Linoleum is protected by robust packaging to prevent it from being damaged during transportation. Keeping rolls vertical during transportation will also help with this. When the linoleum is cut into sheets, lift rather than pull the sheets; use pallets when transporting large numbers of sheets.

Furniture Linoleum should be applied to a carrier material, e.g.: MDF, chipboard, multiplex or pressed plates.
Whenever two different types of material are stuck together, tension develops between them.
To alleviate this, it is often necessary to ‘balance’ the material.
This also applies to linoleum, especially loose panels. It is recommended to apply a material with the same
technical properties to both sides of the carrier material.
Where larger surfaces are concerned, the following aspects are important:
1. Choice of carrier material
2. Thickness, symmetry and strength of carrier material
3. Choice of backing used for counterbalancing
4. Good acclimatisation of materials employed.

Furniture Linoleum installation


Furniture Linoleum brochure