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sparkling colourmix

Our Sarlon Sparking Colourmix acoustic vinyl range contains 5 multi-colour designs that can be used as high-lights in the designs of Sarlon Sparkling. Each Colourmix design colour-coordinates with a section of the Sarlon Sparkling collection.

Colourmix floor coverings offer an impact sound reduction of 15 dB.


Sarlon Sparkling Colourmix

About Sarlon Sparkling

Aesthetics & Technology

Forbo Sarlon Sparkling combines great looks with outstanding performance.The very precise choice of colours gives a coherent range and the special properties of this sheet flooring make it perfectly suitable for use in the healthcare segment.

Flooring adapted for use in the healthcare environment
- Sarlon Sparkling offers acoustic comfort and an easy traffic of wheeled equipment
- Improved hygiene becaue of antibacterial properties
- The safety of people on a non-slip floor

Optimised investment due to product durability
- Durability of stain-resistant flooring
- Dimensional stability
- Resistance to traffic and wear

A range that cares for health and environment
- Reduction in consumption of electricity for lightning
- Anti-bacterial treatment based on natural products
- Available in phtalate-free plasticizer version and bio-based

Sarlon sparkling acoustic vinyl

Technical specifications

Sarlon Acoustic vinyl technical specifications

Installation & Floorcare

Sarlon cleaning & maintenance

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