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Forbo News overview

Read about product introductions and news about Forbo Flooring Systems.

May 2017 - Clerkenwell Design week London

Clerkenwell Design week London

Red Dot and iF award winning Marmoleum collections presented at the Forbo Flooring Systems Showroom, 79 St. John St. London, EC1M 4NR.
This year’s Clerkenwell Design Week in London (UK) sees Forbo Flooring launching a fresh and innovative new Marmoleum structure, Marmoleum Cocoa. By adding cocoa shells to Marmoleum’s traditional raw materials, we have created an original and exciting surface texture that is both natural looking and contemporary in feel. The range also contributes to a better environment by upcycling the waste product from another industry.

Our EC1 showroom will be showing the process of how this 7th natural ingredient in Marmoleum is processed into our flooring and of course, you’ll be able to take away a sample of the finished material. With colourways including white chocolate, dark chocolate and chocolate blues, we’re sure there’ll be a shade that appeals to your senses.

Just visit the Forbo Flooring showroom at 79 St John St, Clerkenwell, EC1M 4NR, 9.00-17.00, 23-25th May 2017 to discover Marmoleum Cocoa.

Press release Clerkenwell design week

  • Press release Clerkenwell Design week

    Press release
    Clerkenwell Design Week

April 2017 - Marmoleum Cocoa & Marmoleum Slate awarded with Reddot Design Award 2017

Marmoleum Cocoa and Marmoleum Slate receive Reddot Design Award 2017

2 of our newest Marmoleum flooring ranges - Marmoleum Cocoa and Marmoleum Slate - have been awarded with the Reddot Design Award 2017. The collections are part of the renewed Marmoleum Solid range which is at the heart of Forbo’s contemporary linoleum designs.

About Marmoleum Cocoa:
Marmoleum Cocoa is a cocoa husk enhanced linoleum design available in 5 earth tones. Using cocoa husks not only improves the sustainable profile of Forbo’s linoleum flooring by adding a 5th natural ingredient, it also results in a new tactility and design where the subtle organic scattering and fine coloration create an innovative design feature.

Manufacturing chocolate in the Netherlands originates from the 19th century and is located in the same region where Forbo Flooring Systems is manufacturing linoleum for well over 100 years.

The upcycling of the Cocoa industries’ waste stream is a fine example of Forbo’s continuous effort to innovate linoleum as the original and most sustainable resilient floor covering to date.

About Marmoleum Slate:
Concrete and stone-like visuals always have been part of traditional linoleum designs which have their origin in the classic marbled varieties that are well known from the early linoleum days.

The new varieties in concrete and stone equivalents are more appealing to an audience that connects sustainability and design for modern environments.

With Marmoleum Slate Forbo created a random embossed structure on top of a minimal tone in tone marbled linoleum which resulted in a realistic slate floor covering. There are 5 slate varieties ranging from dark anthracite grey to copper and metal color tones.

Both Marmoleum Cocoa and Marmoleum Slate will be available from April 2017, together with the renewed ranges of Marmoleum Walton, Piano and Concrete, presented in Marmoleum Solid.
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  • Press Release RED DOT DESIGN AWARDS for Forbo Marmoleum Solid collection 2017.pdf

    Press release Reddot Design Awards 2017

April 2017 - Salone del Mobile Milano

Furniture Linoleum, Marmoleum Cocoa and Marmoleum Slate presented at Via Savona 35, Zona Tortona in Milan.

Forbo Flooring Systems will present its award winning collections Marmoleum Cocoa and Marmoleum Slate during the Fuori Salone event in the Tortona area in Milan (Italy). Located on the Via Savona 35, in the industrial setting of transformed automobile garage, Forbo will present its products together with Brothers and Sons Furniture and Extremis outdoor furniture.

Come and see our spectacular Linoleum installation and experience the Forbo Marmoleum brand. Opening hours are from 11.00 a.m. until late, from April 4 up to including April 9th, with exclusive press visits scheduled for April 3rd.

Products on show will be the new close-to-nature designs of Forbo Allura Luxury Vinyl and the new and intriguing Flotex Tibor collection, a full range of floor covering designs created in the 1960’s by Hungarian émigré Tibor Reich. The Allura and Flotex collections will be shown in a setting with the new furniture collections of Brothers and Sons (previously eQ+). In addition Forbo Flooring Systems will exhibit its award winning Marmoleum collections ‘Cocoa’, ‘Slate’ and ‘Imagine’ as well as the new Furniture Linoleum collection, a unique surfacing material that can be used for desk tops, furniture, cabinets, kitchens, doors and separation panels.

  • Salone del Mobile press release

    Press release Salone del Mobile

March 2017 - Euroshop exhibition Düsseldorf Germany

Forbo Flooring Systems at Euroshop: Mid-Century Design and new collections

Forbo introduces 5 new Allura LVT collections, Marmoleum Solid with award winning Marmoleum Cocoa and the Flotex mid-century design collection featuring Tibor Reich.

Forbo Flooring Systems will be present at the Euroshop Dusseldorf (Germany) the 3- annual retail and Leisure trade show (March 4-9). Located in hall 10, position E39. Forbo focusses its presentation on its new collection which covers almost its entire portfolio of floor covering solutions.

The vinyl collections will include Forbo’s newest addition to the portfolio: Sphera homogeneous vinyl with the ranges Element and Energetic.

Allura will be present with three different application types: dry back (glue down), loose lay and click, in as many as 5 collection varieties.

In linoleum the Marmoleum Solid collection will be introduced, featuring innovations like Marmoleum Cocoa and Marmoleum Slate, as well as an extended range of the popular Concrete and Walton series.

In textiles there are new editions of the Tessera carpet tile collection in plank formats that will be on show, just like the new plank formats in the flocked Flotex collection and a Flotex collection featuring the designs of 1060’s designer Tibor Reich.

In Entrance Flooring Forbo will introduce a new Coral tile program as well as a new collection of click-tiles for easy installation.

Forbo Flooring Systems is happy to welcome you in its mid-century lounge area for a coffee or other refreshment and will see to it that you leave the stand energized and inspired

  • Press release Euroshop

    Press release Euroshop

Euroshop logo
Euroshop stand

January 2017 - IF Design award for Marmoleum Cocoa

Marmoleum Cocoa receives iF DESIGN AWARD 2017

The new Marmoleum Cocoa collection, a cocoa husk enhanced linoleum design, has been awarded with the iF DESIGN AWARD 2017. The collection is part of the new Marmoleum Solid range which is at the heart of Forbo’s contemporary linoleum designs featuring amongst others new concrete, uni and semi-plain designs will be introduced in April.

Using cocoa husks as part of the Marmoleum Cocoa collection not only improves the sustainable profile of Forbo’s linoleum by adding a fifth natural ingredient, it also results in a new tactility and a design where the subtle organic scattering and fine coloration create a new and innovative design feature for the linoleum product category.

Introduction April 2017

Manufacturing Chocolate in the Netherlands originates from the 17th century and is located in the same region where Forbo Flooring Systems is manufacturing linoleum for well over one hundred years. The upcycling of the Cocoa industries’ waste stream is a fine example of Forbo’s continuous effort to innovate linoleum as the original and most sustainable resilient floor covering to date.

Marmoleum cocoa is available in a small collection of 5 earthly tones that are presented under the seducing names of white, milk and dark chocolate, earl grey chocolate and a mystery chocolate blue(s). The Marmoleum Solid collection of which the new Cocoa range is a part, is made up out of a new Walton series, a colourful piano design, original and coloured concrete designs and a an embossed slate variety, which is another innovative new design that will feature in Forbo’s new linoleum offer to be introduced in April.

Press release

  • Press release IF Award 2017

    Press release IF Award 2017

January 2017 - New Luxury Vinyl Tile collections Allura

Aligned introduction of new Dry Back, Loose Lay and Click

The Forbo Flooring Systems Allura collection entering its 11th year and introducing its 4th collection renewal. This time the company presents five new collections, all produced in the Netherlands in a zero waste production environment with green credentials. The Allura Dry Back (glue down) collection is at the heart of the presentation. Over 100 different design presented in a large variety of shapes and formats. Allura presents in-house designed realistic close-to-nature designs which come to life through Forbo’s unique mat finish and subtle embossing techniques in no less than 14 different structures.

The Allura dry back range presents Forbo’s largest offer in ‘wood’ visuals to date and is characterized by innovative product concepts such as the Hungarian-point planks, XXL plank varieties and some spectacular realistic colourations. In addition to wood the Allura collection comprises realistic stones and concretes, brand new all-over and spectacular highlight designs. Allura can boast the markets best performance when it comes to dimensional stability, durability and performance as well as by its sound environmental profile.

The most comprehensive LVT offer in the market today

The Allura Loose Lay collection is designed with the application segments of retail, office and hospitality in mind. Wood, stone and concrete designs prevail and 34 of its designs are a one-on -one alternative to the designs found in the Allura Dry Back collection. Allura Flex, as the collection is called, present an extremely dimensional stable lay-flat stay-flat tile that can be used for commercial applications such as raised access floors in offices, temporary floors in utility buildings, but also for retail Allura Flex has the benefit of rapid overnight installation and direct occupation. The recycled content in the backing is controlled and comes from internal sources presenting a 100% phthalate free construction.

Allura Click matures with a brand new collection of 38 items that are available in both tile and plank formats. The enhanced angle and lay down locking systems allows for easy installation and is capable for usage in commercial environments when every speed and ease of installation are key. This brand new development also excels in dimensional stability and durability, like all Allura products. A large number of the designs in the
Allura click collection match those of the popular loose lay and dry back product offers. A residential offer in Forbo’s Allura Click construction are also available for the consumer market.

Press release Allura

  • Press release Allura

    Press release

December 2016 - Study on Indoor Environments

Delft Technical University to study the effects of floor coverings in the indoor environment

Forbo Flooring Systems is supporting Prof. Dr. Ph. Bluyssen and her team at Delft Technical University (Netherlands) for a two year field and lab study project to research the role of flooring materials in health, comfort and performance of children in class rooms. The study is both a holistic analysis of class rooms and student performance in real life situations as well as experimental and quasi experimental studies providing insights in environmental impacts, making use of the newly established university’s SENSELAB study centre.

In the study Prof. Bluyssen and her team will conduct interviews, visit a large number of randomly selected school buildings, collect and monitor data as well conducting test involving children age 10-12 in the specially built SENSELAB. In the SENSELAB different class room conditions can be evaluated. The study ultimately aims to define design guidelines for the use of different (flooring) materials in classrooms for different situations.

Committed to the Health of One

Forbo is interested in collecting the data in the interest of its flooring offer to schools, universities as well as other building types that are study or work related such as libraries, study centres and offices. In 2016 Forbo Flooring Systems launched its “Committed to the health of one initiative’ in which the company is actively searching and progressing its ambitions to make a positive contribution to the quality of the indoor environment. Forbo’s broad portfolio offering products with low indoor air emissions and phthalate free, is seen as a sound base for improving the indoor (air) climate and related effects on adults and children. The study is expected to provide initial results by September 2017.

Prof. Dr. Philomena M. Bluyssen occupies the Chair for Indoor Environment at the Delft University of Technology at the faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment at the Department of Architecture, Engineering + Technology, Section Climate Design. Prof. Dr. Bluyssen is author many studies and publications as well as the book: ‘The healthy indoor environment: how to assess occupants’ wellbeing in buildings’ (2013)

Press release Indoor Environments

  • Press release Indoor Environment

    Press release

October 2016 - Sphera Homogeneous vinyl

Sphera Homogeneous vinyl

In the summer of 2016 Forbo Flooring Systems inaugurated its greenfield operation location for homogeneous vinyl in Coevorden, The Netherlands. Although Forbo already for years has carried homogeneous vinyl as part of its portfolio, the new production set-up delivers a wealth of new opportunities. For creating Sphera, the new homogeneous product offering, Flooring Systems has used the latest insights and state of the art technology to create three individual collections that demonstrate superior characteristics in performance as well as by its sustainable profile.

See the Sphera homegeneous vinyl collection

Sphera Element 50049 yellow green
  • Sphera press release

    Sphera homogeneous vinyl press release

September 2015 - Leed Gold certificate for Forbo warehouse

Leed Gold certificate for Forbo warehouse

September 2015

Forbo Flooring Systems is the first company to receive a LEED Gold Certificate for a warehouse in the Netherlands. The Forbo LEED certified warehouse has also been nominated for LEED project of the year and the company has been nominated for the Leadership Award for Manufacturers.

Press MXD

Leed Gold certificate downloads

  • Leed Gold certificate

    Download the Forbo LEED Gold Certificate press release

  • Leed certificate

    Download a copy of the LEED certificate